Letters From An Abortionist

Letters From An Abortionist December 11, 2023

Dear Arthur                 17 March


Hope this finds you well.  I know it’s been too long since I wrote last, but I can plead at least one plausible excuse: my clinic has been overrun lately by a horde of fanatics who call themselves “pro-life” – which means they’re all for microscopic bundles of noncancerous cells, but indifferent to the lives of poor struggling POC.

They swarm the clinic with signs that say something like “Save the Prebbies!”  I assume that’s their current buzzword for the “preborn”, based on the term “preemies”.   Of course there is no comparison between the two categories of bio-matter: one is outside the womb, the other is in it.  That’s how simpleminded these protestors are.

I had an argument with one of them, who insisted that from conception there is a widening set of diverging lines indicating a development that continues on past birth, on through childhood and adulthood, and (if one is a Christian) on past death itself.  I laughed in her face, as naturally anyone would.   How could a mere fetus “develop” in the womb?  Blobs don’t develop like post-natal human beings do.  Of course she was assuming that the blob was a human being, which is the laughable part (aside from the nonsense about life after death).  These people believe in life before birth (an absurdity) and life after death (another contradiction in terms).   Obviously life is lived between birth and death – that’s what life means!

More later – I’ve got to catch up on paperwork and other business since the mob of maniacs descended on me.  Best wishes.



Dear Arthur,                        28 March

Just a quick note, as things are hectic here again.  I’m overwhelmed by clients the last couple days, and my biowaste container runneth over!   Haven’t seen so much biohazard in my life.  There’s one client who comes in regularly – like every 3 or 4 months – and appears to have no clue what’s causing her visits here.  All she knows is that she has to come in to make everything okay again.   Can’t keep her legs together to save her life, but like they say: job security for me!  So many of these women make my clinic just a regular stop in the course of doing errands, like the drycleaners or the dentist (those who go to a dentist!  Or a drycleaners!  Ha ha).

Gotta run.  Just checking in and staying in touch.  Drop a note once in a while!



Dear Arthur,                   13 April

I heard about Cheryl today – really hope she’ll be better soon.  She’s too young for that kind of thing!  Give her my love.

What a fight I had with one of the blobs yesterday!  Can’t believe it – had to chase the little scamp all over the damned uterus for what seemed like hours.  Have to say the little bastard put up a hell of a fight.  It was a real relief finally getting it dismembered and out.  A lot of extra blood and mess, too, but the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of victory were worth it.  If you know, you know!

The prolife zealots are back again next week, or so their threat goes.  They post the most disgusting and misleading images on their websites, never a word about the good we do here.  No, it’s all about their precious “pregnancy centers” and baby clothes and baby formula and financial help for “expectant mothers”.  No one will ever understand the damage done to our cause by the damned ultrasounds.  Talk about misleading!  Those images make silly-ass people actually believe those are infants inside them.  A few doll-like limbs and a little movement and they swear they’re looking at human beings … unbelievable.

All my love to you and Cheryl, and call soon to let me know how she’s doing.


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