Ridicule May Lawfully Be Employed Where Reason Has No Hope of Success

Ridicule May Lawfully Be Employed Where Reason Has No Hope of Success February 4, 2004

I seem to have attracted the attention of one Mac Swift. Who is Mac Swift? Well, let’s let him answer that:

I think I can accurately pride myself on being the ONLY pro-Chick Publications and pro-KJV blog on the Internet.

Apparently he regards being pro-Chick Publications as something to be proud of. That speaks volumes right there. Jack Chick, for those of you who don’t know, is an evangelist who produces comic books. You may have seen them laying around in public bathrooms or left in a hotel room. They are, to put it bluntly but accurately, rather moronic. It’s the sort of thing that makes intelligent, well educated Christians cringe and roll their eyes. They’re aimed squarely at the “I ain’t never had no need for book learnin'” audience.

Anyway, it seems Mr. Swift has found my posts on evolution and wrote a response that, ironically, doesn’t bother to respond to anything.. He says,

The topic of evolution vs. creationism has generated some of the most bloated essays in the blogosphere that I’ve ever seen. The futility of reaching the end of the matter couldn’t be better demonstrated here

(Warning: Dictionary needed).

The “here” was a link to one of my essays on evolution and creationism. The “dictionary needed” was a nice touch. Apparently my essay is “bloated”, by which I presume he means “long and complicated”. Well sorry Mac, but evolution is a complex subject, involving a dozen fields of science and an enormous amount of data from all across the scientific spectrum. Apparently, Mac disagrees with that:

The Christian bystander need not be discouraged or left to think that we may never find the answers, because they are already found between the two covers of the Holy Bible. Evolutionists have placed their faith in the fraudulent history of evolution. We ourselves place our faith in the promises of God. When Scripture plainly says one thing, and everyone else, including science says another, then they are all wrong.

Well I guess that settles it, eh? Mac knows the truth, and that’s that. There is no need to actually examine any evidence or use those wonderful brains that he thinks God gave us – just shut off your brain and accept what you’re told. And when pointing in self-righteous judgment at what someone else has written that you could not possibly provide a coherent answer to, fear not! All you need do is not bother to respond to a single factual claim therein, or make a single logical statement disputing anything said therein, just declare them wrong and tell them that God is on your side and you will vanquish thine enemies, for you are clothed in the armor of God. Which apparently includes the helmet of stupidity.

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