Gay Marriage Kills Black People!

Gay Marriage Kills Black People! August 9, 2005

Or so Star Parker would have us believe. In an incredibly ridiculous column at – where else? – the Worldnutdaily, Parker actually implies that stopping gay marriage is the key to the very survival of the black community in America. I assume she’s not kidding and managed to type this nonsense with a straight face:

Blacks have polled consistently higher than national averages in opposition to the sanctioning of gay marriage. Why do we care so much and why do we feel an increasing sense of being abandoned?

Why, I sometimes hear, is a community with such clear and immediate problems with education, employment and crime so obsessed with this issue? Are there that many black gay couples wanting wedding vows that black pastors should be taking valuable time from their daily responsibilities to become political activists for a federal marriage amendment?

The germane point that these black pastors understand is that the black community is the most exposed to and most likely to be injured by the problems of the nation as a whole. When America gets a cold, the black community gets pneumonia.

White America’s problem is a loss of moral grounding and gradual erosion of its family structure. Black America’s problem is rebuilding a family structure that has already collapsed…

Black pastors know that the battle for rebuilding the black family defines the future of black America. If this battle is lost, blacks will become a permanent American underclass.

The moral relativism which increasingly defines American culture is now defining every institution of our society – our schools, our large corporations and our media. Our families are our only firewall.

The support of the black community for the federal marriage amendment reduces to one word: Survival.

Wow. I’ll take Really Stupid Arguments for $1000, Alex.

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  • John

    I can’t speak for the Black community, but I know first hand the dangers of same sex marriage. I live in Massachusetts, and since the court forced same-sex marriage on the state, my property taxes have nearly doubled.

  • Let’s see…one of black America’s biggest problems, as I read it at least, is that large numbers of urban black males grow up without male role models, and thus no firm direction toward productive adult tracks, because of (straight) men who got their women pregnant and then buggered off rather than assume the duties of fatherhood. What homosexuality has to do with any of this is not explained.

    This article is more scapegoating: people who can’t, or won’t, face up to their real problems are using plausible-sounding slogans (like the cold/pneumonia bit) to blame others instead.

  • Oolong


    Man, that’s some bad argumentation there. I’m truly surprised that they print this crap. They must be very sure that their readers have no greater than a 2nd grade education and so will surely sop it right up without a hitch. I mean, those pastors couldn’t possibly be opposed to it for anything else other than a recognition that their very survival is hanging in the balance, right?

    I mean jeez. Wow. It’s hard to know what to say.

  • raj

    I have to tell you, this is stupid as heck.

    Let’s get a grip. When I was catting around in the 1970s, I did some catting with some black guys. So did the (white) guy who became my partner. One of his black F-buddies decided to get married (to a woman) and one of his other buddies, who knew him, opined, what is he going to do when he discovers that she has no (I’ll clean it up: appropriate equipment, begins with the “d” word). It was hilarious.

    The truly sad part is that the homophobia in the black community is killing people. HIV/AIDS even in the US is infecting black people at a much higher rate than white people.

    What’s going to happen? I sincerely don’t know.