Dispatches from Dover

Dispatches from Dover September 28, 2005

Genie Scott and Nick Matzke of the NCSE are podcasting from the Dover trial. Mp3s are available on the NCSE’s Kitzmiller website. For some reason, the downloads seem to be running at sub-dialup speeds (I’m currently getting one at 1.3k per second – ouch), but they’re still probably worth the download.

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  • spyder

    Last night i was digging around in some of my bookshelves and at one point had to move past Lovelock’s GAIA book. It struck me that he and his associates need to be pushing hard on the ID debate as well. If ID is of such a value that it can be taught then the GAIA hypothesis needs to be taught as well. Let’s really open the whole can of worms and shower the IDer’s in alternative theory explanations that they are either forced to admit their christian Creationist position or reject it across the board. Preferably i would most like it if they just went home quietly.