Islam = Treason?

Islam = Treason? April 28, 2006

When I’m looking for wingnuttery to have a little fun with, I can always be sure to find something crazy at any website associated with Alan Keyes. Today’s example is this column at RenewAmerica by Pete Fisher in which he argues that we should actually evict all Muslims from the US. Yep, you read that correctly. But we’ll get to that in a minute. We’ll start from the beginning, where he is upset by what he saw at a rally by some radical Islamic group from Queens, NY:

Identified by Kilafah flags they are also noted for their nasty remarks about Jews, Christians, homosexuals, Israel, Danes and anyone else that has shown contempt for Islamic actions around the globe. However, this rally sparked something in me that really stuck in my craw, and should for every American. They held signs that said “Islam will dominate” with pictures of the Islamic flag hanging over the White House.

Plain and simple, this is treason. Any group calling for the domination of the nation where they reside in should be high treason. These people should be arrested, the group dismantled and outlawed, and the individuals sent to prison.

Now, I happen to fully agree with him that the notion of Islamic domination of the nation is extremely frightening. But I believe that about the domination of any religion. I’ve seen Christian organiations displaying an American flag with a cross emblazoned across it at rallies. Somehow I doubt that would strike Fisher as treason. For that matter, I’ve heard lots and lots of religious right types call for Christian domination of the United States. The call for the establishment of a “Muslim America” is frightening; so are demands from the religious right that America be declared a “Christian nation”.

Send letters to your Senators and Representatives to begin losing the PC image and begin fighting back with the support of the American people behind them. We need to oust groups such as this, even if it comes to banishing Islam altogether, as Islam bans other religions.

Well Pete, I think that this is un-American. America is a nation open to all religions. America is a nation that promises religious freedom to all. If someone is breaking the law and engaging in or threatening violence, then by all means we can of course throw them in prison. If they’re not citizens, we can deport them. But we cannot simply throw out all the members of a religion because others of the same religion behave badly. The vast majority of Muslims in the US are probably US citizens, which means they have the same rights you have. We aren’t going to throw out all Christians because some who use that title bomb abortion clinics, and we can’t throw out all the Muslims because some of their radicals blow things up.

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