Robert O’Brien Trophy Winner: Jill Stanek

Robert O’Brien Trophy Winner: Jill Stanek August 31, 2006

I haven’t given out a Robert O’Brien Trophy in a while, but here’s someone who really deserves one: Jill Stanek. The award is given for this breathtakingly idiotic column at the Worldnutdaily where she actually claims that legalizing the purchase of Plan B emergency contraception over the counter will lead to more pedophilia. Seriously. She said that. I swear. The title to the column is:

Babes in Thailand rapists needn’t leave U.S.
Exclusive: Jill Stanek predicts Plan B customers will be men bedding underage girls

I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the desk. Ready to continue? Okay. Here’s how her screed begins:

So what if minor girls can’t buy emergency contraceptives without a prescription?

Their rapists can.

Well yes, and they could also have bought non-emergency contraceptives too. Does that mean we should ban condoms and spermicidal foam because a rapist might buy them too?

The U.S. is not yet a child sex toy land like Thailand. But authorities and investigative journalists have recently warned that child porn and sex predation are on the rise here, particularly due to the Internet.

Actually, authorities, like the FBI and the DOJ, have been saying that sex predation has been going down here, for a long time, despite the internet. It gets a lot more media attention than it used to due to the explosion of cable news channels, but child sexual abuse has been going down steadily along with other violent crimes for quite some time now.

I’ll let you read the rest, if you can stomach it. Congratulations, Jill. You’ve joined your boss, Joseph Farah, on the list of Robert O’Brien Trophy winners.

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