A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal October 25, 2006

In watching the Bush administration fall all over themselves in the last few days over “stay the course” – Bush said they’d never said that, then video is shown of him saying that a few dozens times, then Rumsfeld jumped in – it occurs to me that we need a new cabinet-level position: a Secretary of Catchphrases. Someone to keep track of the overly simplistic, virtually meaningless politico-speak that dominates the nation’s discourse. Someone who can make sure that everyone knows what they’re supposed to say. No more getting confused over whether today we’re talking about “staying the course” or about the other party wanting to “cut and run.” They can put the other administration officials through drills and training sessions involving cue cards so they won’t mistakenly talk about the “global war on terror” when they’re supposed to be talking about the “global war on extremism.” This will help avoid public confusion over the simplistic little soundbytes that we have in lieu of actually having to think.

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