Another Creationist Textbook

Another Creationist Textbook November 15, 2006

Zenoferox has a blog post about a new book put out by Answers in Genesis, a book they said previously was a secret project “to overcome the widespread censorship found in public schools concerning the creation/evolution issue.” As it turns out, however, this “big secret” is just another anti-evolution book that pretends not to be pushing Biblical literalism:

We got copies of the three major biology textbooks used in most public school systems across America. AiG’s Roger Patterson carefully went through each of them and noted every place where there’s a reference to millions of years and evolution.

Roger researched the evolutionary claims, and then read hundreds of articles and contacted experts in their fields to ensure he’d write the best rebuttals possible.

Roger then compiled this research into a series of chapters and created AiG’s newest book: Evolution Exposed–Your evolution answer-book for the classroom.

As Zeno asks – this is news? This is the big secret? Creationists have been doing this for decades. How is this any different from Icons of Evolution from the late 90s? , or Scientific Creationism from the early 70s? This is the standard nonsense about every creationist book, that it refutes evolution without mentioning the Bible. But Ken Ham apparently thinks he’s come up with a brilliant new idea:

Friend, here’s how practical this groundbreaking work is.

Just about any public high school student will now be able to use Evolution Exposed whenever there’s a reference to millions of years/evolution in their texts. Praise God, it will give them scientific answers against evolutionary beliefs.

*yawn* Yeah, where have we heard that one before? That was the same claim made in defense of the state policies in McLean and Edwards; it didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Such books consist of nothing but a laundry list of distortions and lies to prop up a failed theology.

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