Don’t Order Steaks from Here

Don’t Order Steaks from Here February 2, 2007

Jeremy at Good As You recently was on a TV show talking about his experiences being gay. That brought many responses to his blog, most of them positive, but it also brought the inevitable hate mail from the braindead bigots of the world. Like this one:

I just saw your clip on T.V. I know your (sic) not going to change who you are. I know what I have to say, your (sic) not really going to give a shit about, however you have this site so I’m posting on it.

You CAN’T just expect everyone to be okay with you, and your life. Your (sic) a fag, and that (sic) fine, but keep it to yourself. Trust me, if I ever walk by you on the street with my kids and I see you kissing or holding hands with some dude, I’ll brake (sic) every bone in your gay little body. Keep your shit behind closed doors, so children can’t see you.

So Jeremy decided to do a little investigative work and did a search for the email address of the person who sent that threatening email ( That turned up this page. Turns out beefman is Nick Peronace of Philadelphia, owner of Enterprise Steaks. So I suggest not buying any steaks from this subliterate bigot with violent tendencies. Hat tip to Pam Spaulding.

Update: I emailed the idiot and got the “huh? I don’t know what you’re talking about” response. I pointed him to Jeremy’s website and he left a comment denying that he had left the bigoted comment. But as Jeremy notes, both the denial and the bigoted comment came from the same IP address. So add liar to violent, bigoted thug.

Update #2: Oh, he’s all mad now and he’s gonna sue Jeremy. Unfortunately, he provides yet more evidence that he’s lying. He writes:

I see what you have posted here, and yes I have printed this out as well for my lawyer to read.
In doing some homework I have found that because the computers are all together here, the IP should be the same. We all use the same router, as it has been called. Even if that is not true and my source is wrong, then maybe the person used this same computer. The fact is, that if I did say something like you THINK I said, then yes, I would back it up. Instead I have said countless times that it just wasn’t me, and it wasn’t.

But this would be how you treat people? YOU are the one with the WEBSITE right? People have opinions, and if you don’t like them you should shut your site down. What you have done, and how you have handled this is very, very childish. Doing things like posting my business website, and my email? That is how you handle someone who disagrees with you, or your life style?

You don’t seem like the kind of person who should have a website, instead you come off as a person who is very angry with the way the world has treated him, so now is the chance to lash out.

GROW UP!! And if you don’t like what some people are going to say about you, then you shouldn’t have a blogg website. Learn to fight fair and not make it so personal because now your being sued!!

He’s lying through his keyboard. You know damn well this is him, from the use of “your” for “you’re”, just like in the original, and for the idiotic argument he makes. No, this is not how he handles someone’s “opinion”. But he didn’t give an opinion, he made a threat; that’s a very different thing. Violent, bigoted thug wannabes ought to be exposed to the world for what they are, and this guy is just digging the hole deeper and deeper.

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