Farewell and Welcome

Farewell and Welcome August 19, 2007

As you may know, Nick Matzke is leaving the National Center for Science Education and heading to Berkeley to do his PhD in evolutionary biology. The job that Nick has done at the NCSE for the last few years has been so extraordinary that it’s virtually impossible to overstate it. It has been my honor and pleasure to call him my friend and I look forward to doing so for a long time. He may not be in the NCSE office much anymore, but I think we all know that he won’t be leaving the battle behind completely. He’s too damn obsessed for that. Have a great time at Berkeley, my friend.

i’m also happy to announce that he is being replaced by ScienceBlogs’ very own Josh Rosenau. When Nick announced that he was leaving, I thought there was no way they were possibly going to be find someone to adequately replace him. I’m thrilled to say that they’ve found a gem. Josh will do a great job. He and Nick are cut from the same cloth in all the important ways. So while we’re saying a partial goodbye to Nick, we’re very pleased to be saying hello to Josh. The NCSE is extremely fortunate to have an exceptional group of people working to preserve good science education; Josh will only add his ability and energy to that group.

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