Ilana Mercer is One Confused Woman

Ilana Mercer is One Confused Woman December 23, 2008

Ilana Mercer is a Worldnutdaily columnist who, for some strange reason, fancies herself a libertarian. This is the woman who, in 2004, wrote this:

I might be mistaken, but I fear that what has emerged from Sciabarra’s many fascinating personal accounts is a liberal and permissive narrative about sexuality that serves to denude sex of its Randian majesty and meaning.

Anyone who thinks that the “majesty and meaning” of sex is defined by Ayn Rand is silly enough right from the start. But add to that the fact that she also is a Christian Nation advocate and you’ve got some serious confusion. In her most recent column she cheers on Bill O’Reilly for his ignorant demagoguery on the atheist sign in Washington and his profoundly idiotic attacks on Gov. Christine Gregoire. But then she says that O’Reilly didn’t go far enough because he didn’t start from the assumption that this is a nation founded upon Christianity:

If you doubt O’Reilly’s defense of the Christmas display was inadequate, consider: If Christmas were not a public holiday, would the atheistic exhibit the uncouth governor authorized be defensible? And if Christmas were not an “uplifting tradition” – O’Reilly’s diminishing description – but a sad and somber day, would it not still deserve pride-of-place in state capitols across the country?

It most certainly would. And not because the State designated it a holiday, or because it is a harmless and happy day. Christmas ought to be defended on the basis that Christianity is America’s founding faith.

To defend Christian America with reference to un-Christian State law that has all but banished Christianity from the public square is worse than silly.

She’s also wrong in claiming that O’Reilly did not take the same position she does. He did say on his show:

That’s why U.S. Grant signed the holiday into law, because it was honoring a philosopher of which — Jesus — our Constitution was based on a lot of his teachings.

Of course, neither O’Reilly nor Mercer will ever manage to produce anything from the teachings of Jesus that can be found in the Constitution. But they’ll go on making this absurd claim anyway. That’s what demagogues do.

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