Satire Becomes Business

Satire Becomes Business May 23, 2009

I like this guy, Joshua Ritter. He set up a website, The Post-Rapture Post, originally as a satire. He offered to send letters on behalf of those who are raptured to their relatives who were clearly evil sinners because they were left behind. But then people started actually signing up for the service.

At least some people think so — those willing to pay Witter to be their post-apocalyptic postman, delivering cards and letters to their non-believing friends, relatives and neighbors who will be left behind when the Day of Reckoning arrives.

About 70 people have paid the Orlando man about $5 apiece to get their messages to those doomed to face the plagues, pestilence and darkness of Armageddon.

He’s got a great pitch for the service:

Do you know someone who is in danger of being “left behind” because of a sinful life? Imagine if you could write a letter to a friend or loved one after the Great Day of Reckoning. Maybe a message to your family telling them to trust in God, and that everything will be okay. Perhaps you would leave instructions to care for your pets after your departure. It could be that your message is the light that opens a sinner’s eyes to the Glory of God and allows them entrance to Heaven during the trials before the Second Coming. This is where the Post-Rapture Post comes in.

Just write your letter and it will be hand-delivered immediately following the exodus of the pure from the Earth. But you must be thinking to yourself, “How can the letters be delivered after the Rapture?” The answer is simple. The creators of this site are Atheists. That’s right, we don’t believe in God. How else would we be able to deliver your correspondence after the Rapture?

And he’s honest about the whole thing:

You may be wondering why I created a website offering services based upon an event that I believe will never happen. The answer is that, while I don’t personally believe, I feel that others may need my services in the event that the impossible happens. Also I need money to support my sinful lifestyle.

Sounds reasonable to me.

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