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Dumbass Quote of the Day May 24, 2009

Yet another dumbass quote of the day from Ray Comfort (who is usually good for a dozen or more dumbass comments every day):

More than 100 atheists have responded to an offer for a free copy of Ray Comfort’s, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think. The best-selling author said, “I told the atheists on my blog that a Christian couple had seen an atheist’s request for a free copy, and they had kindly made it financially possible for more to get the book. I am surprised that so many wanted it. The response either shows they have a need for doorstops or that they are interested in spiritual things.”

Or they want to see that Christian couple waste their money and laugh their asses off at the abysmal nonsense in your book.

One atheist said, “I love this offer, and I love you and everyone posting here! I really do! Sorry, I’m just bursting with love at the moment! . . . I’d love [the book] signed! Hugs and big wet sloppy kisses in a manner completely out of character for an evil sinning atheist like me.”

Satire is pretty clearly above Comfort’s head.

Comfort said that he was also encouraged to hear that Answers in Genesis were donating 1,000 copies of his publication The Charles Darwin Bible to secular school teachers in San Diego. He said, “There is such a need for this. One in four professors in U.S. colleges and universities is either atheist or agnostic, and they are corrupting our youth. When Richard Dawkins visited an Oklahoma University earlier this year, he told adoring students, ‘Evolution is a scientific fact, as secularly established as any fact known in science.’ But that’s just not true. Evolution is a theory and the word ‘theory’ means nothing more than ‘speculation’ or ‘conjecture.’

Not in science, it doesn’t. Only to ignorami like Comfort does the word ‘theory’ mean such a thing in that context.

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