Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day July 27, 2010

From Auntie Tom Star Parker, under this incredible headline from the Worldnutdaily:

Why are we discussing racism?
Star Parker offers data proving it’s no longer a concern to black Americans

And her column begins this way:

Can anyone tell me why suddenly race is the hot topic of national discourse?

According to Gallup polling of last week, the issues most on the minds of Americans are the economy and jobs followed by dissatisfaction with all aspects of government.

I didn’t notice racism on the list anywhere.

Well I guess that settles it — racism no longer exists! So the Worldnutdaily now has one black columnist who claims that racism does not exist and another who says the real problem in this country is an excess of “negrophilia.” Calling these people Uncles Toms is too easy; they’re just plain idiots who must live in a different universe from the rest of us.

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