Desperate Bigots Claim Gay Marriage Hurts Economy

Desperate Bigots Claim Gay Marriage Hurts Economy August 4, 2010

The National Organization Against For Marriage is clearly getting desperate. At an event in Iowa, they’re tried claiming that it’s those damned gays getting married that is responsible for the bad economy. Seriously.

There are taxpayer costs associated with the breakdown of the family, so overturning legalized same-sex marriage would go a long way to improve the nation’s sagging economy, according to Tamara Scott, one of several speakers at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) rally at the state Capitol in Des Moines Sunday afternoon.

She continued:

Scott, the state director for Concerned Women for America, told the crowd of more than 100 that part of the country’s current economic downturn was to blame on the social costs of the threatened traditional family unit through the legalization of gay marriage.

“It costs you, the taxpayer, as high as $280 billion a year for fragmented families, according to the Family Research Council,” Scott told the crowd, citing a study from the D.C.-based Christian political association from May 2009.

“If we would correct the breakdown of the family by 1 percent, we could save the taxpayer $3 billion a year,” she said. “An easy fix and a better fix long term for our children… When the family is healthy, the community benefits. When the family is hurting, society will pay the cost one way or another. We can fix this economic downturn very easily by fixing some hearts.”

Uh huh. Except that the only ones arguing in favor of hurting families and keeping them apart are people like Scott. They’re the ones who want to make sure that all of the nearly one million children in this country being raised by gay parents only have one parent, not two. They’re the ones trying to make it as difficult as possible for gay couples to make a lifelong commitment to one another.

They’re the ones who think families headed by gays are fundamentally different from any other kind of family and therefore don’t care that denying them recognition, benefits, legal protections, and insurance coverage only makes them less stable and less likely to succeed.

This isn’t about families. The bigots don’t give a damn about families, they only give a damn about families that look just like theirs. Any other families can go to hell — quite literally — as far as they’re concerned.

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