LA School Drops Creationism Plan — For Now

LA School Drops Creationism Plan — For Now August 6, 2010

The school board in Livingston Parish, LA has backed off. Kind of.

The Livingston Parish School Board won’t try to include the teaching of creationism in this year’s curriculum, but has asked the School Board staff to look at the issue for possible future action, board officials said…

The question of teaching creationism was sent to a staff committee, which is not expected to report before the beginning of this school year, but should report in time for the board to do whatever it needs to do for next year, he said.

“We have decided not to try to hurry up and rush something in for this year,” Martin said.

The ACLU is threatening a suit, of course, and the school board is apparently taking that into account. But they’re also still ducking directly into the punch:

David Tate, the School Board member who brought up the matter at the board’s last meeting, said he would rather not see litigation, but added that the board gets sued on other matters.

“We don’t want litigation, but why not take a stand for Jesus and risk litigation,” Tate said.

You just killed any chance of winning such a suit, Mr. Tate. See, this is why I am so amused by creationists. No matter how much the Discovery Institute does to cover up the religious tracks and pretend that it’s all about science, their followers know better and they just can’t help but blurt out the truth. We can only hope that Tate becomes the Bill Buckingham of Livingston Parish if this goes to court.

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