Robert O’Brien Nominee: Lou Engle

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Lou Engle August 3, 2011

From lunatic Lou Engle of The Call:

Can a homosexual have civil rights in America? They might. But it is not their right given by God. Their right is to repent and stand until Jesus delivers, and then the Church must go into war for them and get them free. Brothers and sisters, we made it two spheres: government has a sphere and God has a sphere. That’s what they did in Hitler’s day, they voted for money in economic crisis and they sacrificed the sanctity of life of the Jews. We do the same thing in America.

*scratching head*

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  • Dennis N

    Here is a link with video.

  • fifthdentist

    Once again Obama uses his time machine to travel back and forces the founding fathers to establish a secular government.


  • Phillip IV

    Well, you gotta leave it to Lou – he’s getting the call out. The call for better mental health services, if nothing else.

    I’d still rather have civil rights than the right to stand until Jesus delivers – the guy is legendarily unreliable with deliveries, people have been expecting him for every generation since the first century CE, and he never showed up. The only silver lining: if he does show after all that time, the pizza will be free.

    But it’s good to see Engle taking the Republicans to task for their focus on financials over human life…that is what he’s talking about in that last sentence, isn’t it?

  • Dr X

    Hitler didn’t think gays had civil rights given by God either. I guess that makes Engle and his supporters just like Hitler and the Nazis.

    And I’m not sure what voting for money in an economic crisis means, but Hitler increased military spending and crushed unions. Where else have I heard that advocated?

  • MikeMa

    This guy is seriously deranged. Lies, jesus, hitler, gays, and government spending all in one loopy brain fart.

  • Chiroptera

    Whoa! Does any of that make any sense? It reads like a string of nonsequiturs.

    I mean, G W Bush was able to make more sense just talking off the top of his head!

  • Abby Normal

    we made it two spheres: government has a sphere and God has a sphere. That’s what they did in Hitler’s day

    There was a time when those sphere’s weren’t so separate. We commonly refer to it as the Dark Ages. It’s almost as if tyrants will seek power, or power creates tyrants, regardless of what form government takes. The important thing for avoiding tyranny seems to be distributing power so that the tyrants can’t gather too much and others have enough to effectively oppose them.

  • Aquaria

    I mean, G W Bush was able to make more sense just talking off the top of his head

    Funny, I thought all the air in his head blew any any stray thought that staggered in.

    The other explanation involves a very rude analysis of his mother than I won’t go into.

    Horrible woman. No wonder he was so fucked up.

  • Aquaria

    And blew away any stray thought.

    Preview is supposed to be my friend…

  • slc1

    Re Aquaria

    Hey, Barbara Bush is a nice lady. Where does Ms. Aquaria come of bad mouthing her?

  • Aquaria

    I do hope you’re being sarcastic.

  • pHred

    I would think to qualify as a dumbass quote of the day it should at least have some sort of intelligible content that one can qualify as dumb. At best this is just incoherent blabber of the day.

    Everyone has a ball and they are going home, but the gays ??? Huh???

  • dingojack

    Aquaria – If that’s you I’m in ♥*. 🙂

    Have you considered the moonmin version as an avatar? – Dingo


    * Don’t worry. I’m perfectly aware the homeless guy in your neighbourhood skip is a better catch than I am. You’re safe.

  • twincats

    we made it two spheres: government has a sphere and God has a sphere. That’s what they did in Hitler’s day

    This makes me think of 3-D Venn diagrams.

  • modusoperandi

    Twincats, I love you.

  • Chris from Europe

    I guess both Lou Engle and Hitler agree on a society in which government, church and every day life are unified and integrated … one could say “gleichgeschaltet”.

    they voted for money in economic crisis

    Who voted for money? What does that mean? The votes for the Enabling Act came from the right because of their fear of communists (and because the Catholic Church thought one should have a good relationship with the people in power).

    If he refers to the overspending of the Nazis (which happened after they had secured control, so voting for money is a misinterpretation): It made people happy and they needed it anyway for their war. As they planned to pay it down with the captured resources, it even counts as fiscally conservative in the Republican definition.

  • John Hinkle

    Their right is to repent and stand until Jesus delivers…

    …fabulous daisy bouquets.

    Ed, are you going to start quoting the rantings of mentally ill street preachers now too? This is really below the comprehension level of invertebrates.

    Ok, so I’m commenting on it, so what?

    Alright, can all the love birds get a room?

    Hand me another port….