Gaffney: Breivik May Be a Secret Muslim

Gaffney: Breivik May Be a Secret Muslim August 5, 2011

Just when you thought Frank Gaffney couldn’t sink any further into the abyss of insanity, he now thinks that Obama isn’t the only secret Muslim — the Norwegian shooter might have been one too.

GAFFNEY: I think there’s a lot yet to be determined about who this individual was and what exactly his agenda was. What’s very peculiar to me is the nature of this so-called manifesto, which seems about as unrelated to anything having to do with Norway or Norwegian nationalism as you can imagine. It’s basically entirely made up of, it’s a pastiche, a very eclectic pastiche at that, of American writers and some non-American writers but of a similar mind. It cries out for a thorough investigation as to whether it was in fact an authentic piece of his own creation, whether it’s a false flag operation, whether it actually was meant to do anything other than to contribute to Sharia’s efforts to suppress criticism and awareness of its agenda.

Here’s the video:

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