Coulter Joins GOProud Board; Amusement Ensues

Coulter Joins GOProud Board; Amusement Ensues August 11, 2011

I love stories like this. Ann Coulter has joined the board of advisers of GOProud, the gay conservative group that recently got booted out of CPAC.

GOProud says conservative columnist Ann Coulter will carry the title of “Honorary Chair and Gay Icon” of its Advisory Council. Saying Coulter “helped put our organization on the map,” GOProud chairman Christopher Barron boasts: “Politics is full of the meek, the compromising, and the apologists — Ann, like GOProud, is the exact opposite of all of those things.”

Personally, I think this says far more about GOProud than it does about Coulter. Why a gay group would want someone on their side who insults liberal politicians by calling them “faggot” is beyond me. I suspect they just want some publicity, which is all that Coulter ever wants. But the bigot brigade is coming unhinged over it:

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action tells OneNewsNow that he has had a good deal of respect for Coulter in the past. “[But] unfortunately I think she really is putting herself in a position here where she could marginalize herself and do damage to her conservative credentials, if you will,” he offers.

Coulter joining forces even in an advisory capacity surprises Barber because of the nature of the organization.

“GOProud, of course, is a radical, pro-homosexual, activist organization, a socio-liberal organization that is libertarian in some of their policies in support of some conservative and libertarian policies,” he explains, “but certainly they are socio-liberal.”

Barber also comments on the spiritually, physically, and emotionally destructive homosexual lifestyle. “There is nothing conservative about the radical homosexual activist agenda which seeks to impose, under penalty of law, sexual anarchy,” he states.

Is there anything more fun than wingnut-on-wingnut crime?

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