Prelutsky Doesn't Get It

Prelutsky Doesn't Get It August 12, 2011

Burt Prelutsky is one of those folks that write for the Worldnutdaily and they always label his columns as “exclusive commentary.” Once you read it you realize that there’s a good reason it’s “exclusive” to that site — no one else would publish it.

In his latest column he’s trying to respond to someone who criticized him for writing a column against gay marriage that included a whole bunch of ridiculous statements about the subject. He quotes himself as quoted by his critic:

Apparently, the part that most upset Mr. Hooper was the sentence that read: “What I do find annoying about a great many homosexuals is their insistence on identifying themselves solely on the basis of their sexual activities,” even though the paragraph continued, “To be fair, I have an equal intolerance with heterosexual men whose identity seems to be totally wrapped up in their sexual activities and whose conversation consists of bragging about their conquests. It just strikes me as adolescent.”

And he wonders why he was criticized. He does here what so many anti-gay bigots do and defines a gay person solely by the kind of sex that they have. Identifying yourself as gay does not mean you’re identifying yourself by the kind of sex you have, any more than saying “I’m straight” defines yourself by straight sex. How could it? The varieties of ways that both gays and straights have sex is quite large; what one person might like sexually another person might find horrifying. I don’t know anyone, straight or gay, that defines themselves by the kind of sexual activities they like. Prelutsky, like most bigots, simply cannot separate “I’m gay” from “I have gay sex.” The moment someone mentions that they’re gay, that’s the only thing he can think about.

My critic also quoted the following three sentences: “As for Gay Pride parades, I can hardly imagine anything goofier. What is it that they’re so proud of? Is it that their sexual activity will never lead to the birth of a baby, but only, tragically, on occasion, to a dreadful disease?”

Another sign of Prelutsky’s bigotry. He absolutely cannot conceive of why gay people would want to throw a pride parade and celebrate being gay. Really? Is it that hard to imagine? Gee, maybe it’s because they are made to feel ashamed of it so often by their parents, their peers and, nearly always, their church communities. Maybe it’s because people like Prelutsky spend so much of their time villifying gays and lesbians as horrible sinners bound for hell. If you grew up with such a situation, you’d feel the need to assert your pride in who you are too.

Finally, how is it that they ever came up with that childish insult, “homophobe”? It’s bad enough that they are so arrogant that they can seriously insist that anyone who opposes same-sex marriages is suffering from an irrational fear, which is the definition of a phobia, but what are we to make of the first part of the word? After all, for years we have been lectured that the “H” word is an obscenity, every bit as offensive as the “N” word, and yet here they are tossing it around like a beach ball at Dodger Stadium.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised they didn’t go all the way and come up with “queerophobe” or “fagophobe.”

And he calls someone else childish. Wow. You do, in fact, have an irrational fear, just as all anti-gay bigots do. It may not be a fear of each and every gay person, but it is certainly a fear that if gays are not punished as much as possible, if they’re given even an ounce of understanding and tolerance instead of hatred and condemnation, your kids will find being gay so alluring that they’ll go right out and have gay sex and society will fall apart. That’s what your rhetoric says constantly. And yes, that is an absolutely irrational fear.

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