Schlussel: How Dare You Sell Food to Muslims

Schlussel: How Dare You Sell Food to Muslims August 12, 2011

Debbie Schlussel is one of the craziest people I’ve ever encountered. She almost makes Pam Geller look sane and rational by comparison. If anyone sees Muslim boogeymen more often and in more places than Geller, it’s Schlussel. She’s so nuts that other wingnuts think she should tone it down. And boy is she upset that Whole Foods actually sells food to Muslims.

The company is bragging that it is the first national supermarket chain to have a Ramadan marketing campaign, complete with social media.

How crazy is Schlussel? She thinks Michelle Malkin isn’t Islamophobic enough:

My reports didn’t stop ignoramuses like Michelle Malkin Fraudkin from blindly urging people to buy goods at jihadist-enabling Whole Foods, merely because its CEO was under fire for opposing Obamacare. Only morons–and that includes Fraudkin, bigtime–believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even when they enable and financially support Islamic terrorism.

And you’d think a right winger would understand the concept of a free market, but apparently not:

And, now, there is the Ramadan crap, solely for monetary reasons. Yes, like ALL other American corporations, Whole Foods is whoring itself out to Islam for profits. And as more and more Muslims populate America through immigration and high birth rates, more and more corporations will shill for jihadist interests. It’s that simple. We’ve already seen it with Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and others. And now this from Whole Jihad Foods. The question is, how long ’til Whole Foods no longer carries pork and other non-halal products? Answer: Not long.

Wanna bet? See, Whole Foods is in business to make money. They certainly can’t afford to stop selling pork to appease one percent of the population, most of whom, like most Jews, couldn’t care less what anyone else eats even while they follow their religious food rules themselves. And the Jewish Schlussel should damn well know that. I’d be willing to bet my entire net worth that Whole Foods never, ever stops selling pork or other non-halal products. They might not sell it in a particular store in a heavily Muslim area, like Dearborn, but that’s just good inventory control — you don’t keep stocking what you can’t sell.

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