The Submissive Woman’s Gotcha Question

The Submissive Woman’s Gotcha Question August 18, 2011

The religious right is throwing a hissy fit over Michele Bachmann being asked a question during last week’s GOP presidential debate about being a submissive wife.

Penny Nance, president of the conservative group Concerned Women for America, expressed her dismay at the question in a statement: “Byron York’s question to Michele Bachmann about her relationship with her husband was incredibly inappropriate and downright ignorant.” …

Given that both men and women are called to give of themselves in marriage, Nance lamented that the male presidential candidates were not asked the same or a similar question.

As soon as one of them claims to be submissive to their wives and do whatever they’re told to do by their wives, as Bachmann said quite clearly about her husband, then the question will be relevant to them. Until then, it’s not. The notion that this is some kind of “gotcha” question is ridiculous. Bachmann herself opened up this line of inquiry when she said that she became a tax attorney even though she didn’t want to because her husband told her to do it.

That isn’t “respect” and it sure as hell isn’t mutual, no matter how much she plays pretend now. That’s just plain doing what you’re told.

And this is all the more amusing given who asked that question: Byron York, a prominent conservative and former National Review editor.

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