Birther Discharged for Going AWOL

Birther Discharged for Going AWOL August 23, 2011

An Air Force staff sergeant is being discharged after declaring himself AWOL because he claims Obama isn’t the legitimate president. And the Worldnutdaily, predictably, is giving its usual distorted headline:

Staff sergeant discharged after questioning Obama

No, the problem is not that he questioned Obama. The problem is that he publicly announced himself to be AWOL and refused any order as long as Obama was president. Those are not even remotely the same.

A U.S. Air Force staff sergeant based in Germany who dispatched numerous e-mails and statements saying he was AWOL and would not return to his assignment unless Barack Obama documents his eligibility to be president is on his way out of the military.

Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran dispatched a cryptic e-mail to WND today saying that his itinerary was not available to the public but he would be “back on American soil within this week.”

“I am short on time to discuss much other than to say the Lord has allowed me to remain with my family and we are leaving Germany, and I am receiving an honorable discharge,” he explained. “I will have positive things to say when I get there, in addition to things already distributed. I hope everyone will be prepared to hear the hand of God in all of this, and why my faith is stronger.”

Well see, that’s your first problem. You’re not thinking rationally, you’re relying on “faith.” And it leads you say bizarre things like this:

Moran had written, “In essence, I have placed myself squarely against B. Obama, and will continue to do so under the present circumstances. If B. Obama will reach out to me, help me, talk to me, be honest with me, seek the Lord with me, hear other Americans with me, correct his lies, and allow the blessings of God on himself and this country, I would be happy. I’m in no position to prevent God’s blessings on B. Obama, but currently B. Obama is preventing that himself.”

Something tells me our military is better off without this nutcase.

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