Birther Discharged for Going AWOL

Birther Discharged for Going AWOL August 23, 2011

An Air Force staff sergeant is being discharged after declaring himself AWOL because he claims Obama isn’t the legitimate president. And the Worldnutdaily, predictably, is giving its usual distorted headline:

Staff sergeant discharged after questioning Obama

No, the problem is not that he questioned Obama. The problem is that he publicly announced himself to be AWOL and refused any order as long as Obama was president. Those are not even remotely the same.

A U.S. Air Force staff sergeant based in Germany who dispatched numerous e-mails and statements saying he was AWOL and would not return to his assignment unless Barack Obama documents his eligibility to be president is on his way out of the military.

Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran dispatched a cryptic e-mail to WND today saying that his itinerary was not available to the public but he would be “back on American soil within this week.”

“I am short on time to discuss much other than to say the Lord has allowed me to remain with my family and we are leaving Germany, and I am receiving an honorable discharge,” he explained. “I will have positive things to say when I get there, in addition to things already distributed. I hope everyone will be prepared to hear the hand of God in all of this, and why my faith is stronger.”

Well see, that’s your first problem. You’re not thinking rationally, you’re relying on “faith.” And it leads you say bizarre things like this:

Moran had written, “In essence, I have placed myself squarely against B. Obama, and will continue to do so under the present circumstances. If B. Obama will reach out to me, help me, talk to me, be honest with me, seek the Lord with me, hear other Americans with me, correct his lies, and allow the blessings of God on himself and this country, I would be happy. I’m in no position to prevent God’s blessings on B. Obama, but currently B. Obama is preventing that himself.”

Something tells me our military is better off without this nutcase.

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  • gAytheist

    Why is this guy being given an honorable discharge? If he’s gone AWOL he should be sent to jail for a while, reduced in rank and then given a dishonorable discharge.

  • Blondin

    This seems like an appropriate place to say, “Get a brain, Moran!”

  • Ace of Sevens

    I’m wondering if he’s really getting an honorable discharge or if he’s full of shit about that, too. I’d expect, at best, being busted down in rank and being given a dishonorable discharge with a few months in jail if he pisses enough people off.

  • Dennis N

    The newest news I read on this, the Air Force is saying he was already in the process of being discharged before he came out claiming to be AWOL. Basically thumping his chest, while lying, and not having any real consequences. Basically, a coward not even standing for his convictions. (This is all speculation)

  • kirk

    Not a bad way to skip out of the military if you’re tired of your commitment.

    In unrelated, site-specific news — Ed, did you know that your blog and Pharyngula aren’t showing on the homepage of Freethoughtblogs right now? The text links to the blogs on the left side are still there, but the blogs aren’t showing with the others in the main part of that page, where they list them with their most recent headlines. At least on my browser, so maybe the problem’s mine, if others aren’t seeing it.

  • tim

    The Air Force released a statement stating this guy was already in the process of being discharged due to a “personality disorder” long before he decided to go after 3 seconds of fame.

  • Jeff

    How does one “hear the hand of God?” One could feel the hand of God, or hear the voice of God, but unless one hand of God clapping makes a sound, I don’t think you can hear the hand of God.

  • Foster Disbelief

    WND EXCLUSIVE11!!!11:

    Reality. Is it overrated? Surprising answers from top Republicans.

  • Dennis N

    How does one “hear the hand of God?”


  • Feeves

    If this happened under our last president, the WND be shouting “Treason!”

    What more proof does this guy need?

  • k Gallagher

    Give it a few weeks, the republicans just found an obama hatin’ god fearin’ soldier boy. What do you think they’ll do with him?

  • The Air Force released a statement stating this guy was already in the process of being discharged due to a “personality disorder”…

    A birther with a personality disorder? What a (non-)surprise!

    And a right-winger pretending to be brave when there’s no real consequence? No, that didn’t make my heart skip a beat either…

  • Hercules Grytpype Thynne

    At least on my browser, so maybe the problem’s mine, if others aren’t seeing it.

    No, it’s not just you. I see the same thing, with both Firefox and IE, and connecting both from home and (sorry, bosses) from work.

  • Sastra

    Jeff asked:

    How does one “hear the hand of God?”

    Maybe God is pounding on the podium, just like His followers.

    If B. Obama will reach out to me, help me, talk to me, be honest with me, seek the Lord with me, hear other Americans with me, correct his lies, and allow the blessings of God on himself and this country, I would be happy.

    Well, he can’t. I invited Obama over for lunch and a movie this afternoon and I asked first.

    You’ll have to take a number, I think.

  • Hercules Grytpype Thynne

    How does one “hear the hand of God?”

    Surely the hand of God makes some sort of sound while delivering a bitch slap.

  • Aquaria

    Or maybe the sound of god would be the smack of knocking some sense into this egomaniacal fruit loop.

  • bananacat

    How does one “hear the hand of God?”

    Wet Willie?

  • So he’s on terminal leave, pretending to be AWOL while he sits at home collecting leave pay from the military he hates so much. And he’s sucking up the wingnut attention over his racist nonsense.

    I HATE these lying traitors so much!

  • Preston

    SSgt Moran served five months of a six month sentence for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

    A few points:

    1) There’s no way he’s getting an honorable discharge after being court-martialed and serving time. Not possible. He might be getting a “General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions” but that is not the same thing.

    2) Funny how the whole “he’s not really the President” thing only became a problem when it was time to grab his ruck and earn his check. He was perfectly happy in the rear with the gear.

    3) I’ve been hit in the head a lot and my memory is not great, but I don’t believe you can go to prison with stripes. I believe (INAL) that you are automatically reduced to E-1 if you’re going to be confined. When I had prisoner escort, I used to bring nail clippers for prisoners to use to remove their stripes (because giving a knife to a prisoner seemed to me to be a not-smart thing to do).

    4) A 41 y/o Staff Sergeant? Are you fricking kidding me?

  • Preston

    Hey, I conflated Moran with Laikin. Doh!

    Moran did not do time.

  • camanintx

    Acutally, the headline is fairly accurate. Just because he was discharged after questioning Obama does not mean that the two events are related.

  • Vall

    Preston’s comment above is correct. If you are in the brig, you are E-1. Also he cannot be honorably discharged. There are a whole range of discharges, not just honorable and dishonorable.

    This Chair Force dude doesn’t deserve the uniform, even without the stripes.

  • Preston: Do we know when Moran enlisted? If he signed up when he was 30 or so, then still being an E-6 after only 10 years isn’t necessarily a sign of ineptness. If he was creeping up on retirement anyway, though…

  • dingojack

    What is the sound (god’s) one hand clapping?* – Dingo


    * god doesn’t believe in ‘on the other hand… ‘ (if his followers are any indication)

  • Preston

    @Mike C and Vall I mixed up Moran with Laikin (another birther nitwit)

    Moran was in for 9 years. E-5 at 9 yrs plus his USMC years would have counted toward promotion in the USAF. He was several laps off the pace.

  • Shay

    Terminal rank (although this guy sounds like a ROAD warrior).

  • Passerby

    I agree. Religion and belief are fine with me, but when you start saying things about going AWOL to prove a point or using ‘God’s blessings’ on Soldiers that probably just want to keep their beliefs to themselves, then you’re looking at an NCO who think hi agenda is more important than his leadership to his troops.

    I can’t make any statements on the SSG in question, since I don’t know him, his unit or his squad. But I can say that I would look forward to getting rid of an NCO who used AWOL as an excuse to throw his tantrum about a non-issue.

  • democommie

    The USAF, since I got discharged (early in the era of heavier than air machines) has changed up the E-ranking system. When I was in E-5 was SSGT, now E-6 is SSGT. E-6 is an okay grade for a grinder, nutjob or no.

    If Moran (who sounds like a complete fuckhead) is being discharged without being reduced in rank it prolly means he’s getting a medical (and, I’m guessing under whatever they call a Section 8 these days). So not only will he not suffer, he’ll be getting retirement AND other benefits. I hope that I’m wrong.

  • Karl

    This is from Badfiction, The one stop Birther shop, Since this the issue about him being on leave during his “awol” appears to of been confirmed

    James Daryn Moran, SSgt, USAF – Stationed in Germany, had some form of mental breakdown in March of 2011 over an Islamic co-worker. Later stated in April 2011 that he couldn’t work with Gays and Lesbians in the military. In both cases he cited his religious beliefs Was removed from his duty station and subjected to a mental health evaluation, which recommended his discharge from the US Air Force. Appeared in a May 2011 World Nut Daily article about the repeal of “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell”. While waiting for his discharge, he started posting on various blogs and sites, which show he started to go birther in July of 2011. He publicly went AWOL from his transition unit in August of 2011. Appears to have severe mental health issues, and seems disturbed in other areas as well.

  • Preston

    @Karl good link!

  • Vall

    What this sounds like to me is someone who wants out of the military and needs some self justification. Before Obama, the same type of person would latch on to anti-vax claims to avoid the anthrax vaccine, resulting in a discharge.

  • democommie

    He’ll be a KKKristianist Martyr until he kills one or more people; at that point his atheism will be revealed.