The Weird World of Michael Moriarty

The Weird World of Michael Moriarty August 31, 2011

Actor Michael Moriarty’s warped mind has belched forth another love letter to Sarah Palin that is breathtaking in its lunacy.

Or have they become that nervous as a result of Sarah Palin’s possible entry into the Republican race?

She is making The New World Order Establishment profoundly nervous.

Hysterical actually.

But he’s just getting warmed up:

The “Whole Ballgame”, as The Progressives fear, would change with a President Sarah Palin!

They all know it’s “all-or-nothing” now!

If a President Palin picks up where Ronald Reagan left off and resurrects a two-term, traditionally American policy to be followed by eight more years under, say, President Allen West, the “New World Order Ballgame”, as they say, would be over.



Never to re-infect America again!! 

That is what the New World Order Elite from Obama, Putin, the Red Chinese Politburo and George Soros down to a LEFTYDOG commenter on Big Hollywood are frightened.

Actually LEFTYDOG now speaks more sanely and eloquently than either Obama or Bloomberg.


LEFTYDOG isn’t as fully informed of Palin’s increasing possibilities  for becoming President of the United States.

The Marxist future for LEFTYDOG is a “gimme”.

While LEFTYDOG “putts out” on this hole, the President’s game is being played on his cell phone and he’s way over par.

Way over.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is critiquing her keynote Speech for this September 3rd.

Leftist Think-Tanks are on overtime pay, planning the best antidote to a possible Palin Presidential run.

Not since Hitler faced the Prime Minister-ship of Winston Churchill have the enemies of individual freedom been so threatened.

I can’t be the only one who thinks LEFTYDOG is one of the voices in Moriarty’s head.

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