Crazy Wingnut Screed of the Day

Crazy Wingnut Screed of the Day September 3, 2011

Here’s insane Arizona Baptist preacher Steve Anderson going off on a furious rant that really has to be heard to be believed. This is the same preacher who prayed for Obama to be killed and got a visit from the Secret Service over it. Video below the fold.

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  • Michael Heath

    What continues to be a disturbing aspect of this sort of insane behavior is others willfully subscribing to another’s insanity.

    And as nutty as this guy is, his content is not that far off from the seemingly sane delivery of a Rick Warren or other garden variety evangelical/fundamentalist preacher; they just deliver a toned-down message with less spittle though adherents effectively end up in the same place as this guy (supporting Christianism). So while I appreciate our observing the obvious insanity and hatred of his guy’s delivery, I still find the insane and hate-derived content of the mainstream evangelical/fundie Christianism to be far more insidious because it so effectively spreads ignorance, hatred, divisiveness, moral regression, catastrophic economic results, and a more dangerous world.

    And Mr. Anderson, it’s President Barack Obama. The fact this man can’t even acknowledge Mr. Obama is the legitimate president of the U.S. is illustrative of his delusion, hatred, and denialism.

    I wonder if its true that there’s thirty biblical verses of God hatin’ on others as Mr. Anderson claims. I know there are some but I wouldn’t have guessed that many. The one I remember is God/Jesus* hatin’ on Esau for no compelling reason.

    Weird place to end the video, right where Mr. Anderson was going to make his case on why he hates the president. I looked for another video on killafincam’s channel but couldn’t find part 2.

    *Don’t be so quick to claim I’m wrong on this one simply because this is an OT passage. Consider the NT claims first.

  • Michael Heath:

    “And as nutty as this guy is, his content is not that far off from the seemingly sane delivery of a Rick Warren or other garden variety evangelical/fundamentalist preacher; they just deliver a toned-down message with less spittle though adherents effectively end up in the same place as this guy (supporting Christianism).”

    Nothin’ says “GODlovin” like a spittlefleckfilter. Deliberate hatespeech always sounds better if you dress well and have your helpmeet and Stepfordkids appear at all of your photo ops.

  • Hmm,

    Interesting. I really like how after he’s spent a minute or so talking about how he and God hate Barack Obama he then says in reference to snails that he in fact loves all of “God’s creation.” The confusion is strong with this one.

    This video almost needs a warning about how disturbing it is. The level of vitriol and self-described hatred is amazing. I half expect him to joke to death on his own bile.

  • amavra

    Sounds like the preacher at the church I grew up. Except he probably wouldn’t have said ‘faggot’ because its vulgar, but the sentiment would be loud and clear.

  • Modusoperandi
  • Trebuchet

    I can’t believe I managed to listen to the whole thing. Clearly he’s No True Christian (TM).

    The saddest part of the whole thing was the sound of little children in the congregation being exposed to that.

  • teawithbertrand

    Assholes like this guy are the best argument for atheism and antitheism there is. Hate, Hate, Hate and more Hate. That’s what religion is really all about at its core, and the more people realize it, the better off we’ll all be.

  • dingojack

    MO (@10:39 am) – Is there any reason to doubt it’s really a lobotomy scar? 🙂

    – Dingo


    cf. “They scanned his head, but they didn’t find anything”

  • Scott Hanley

    I like the part where he complains about the word “gay” and claims, “Gay means joyful. I’m joyful!” Sure would hate to meet him when he’s unhappy.

  • raven

    What is even more disturbing is that people follow him as a leader and pay him for being a hate filled kook.

    He is a pastor of a church, after all.

    Occasionally one of his followers will show up online to drop off some trash. They are as weird as you can imagine.

  • matty1

    I skipped through rather than listening to the whole thing, much more amusing that way. What I heard was very roughly.

    “There is no catholic church…HE HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR IT…do you not see that they’re multiplying.. sodomites exploding..OK here’s my sermon (this was over half way through)…pour salt on it and it melts, I don’t understand the science”

    Maybe it makes more sense in context but I have a feeling not.

  • Trebuchet

    Assholes like this guy are the best argument for atheism and antitheism there is.

    Actually, the anus/asshole is a useful, even essential, organ. This guy on the other hand is a waste of oxygen.

  • bigjohn756

    And, here I was so proud of myself for listening up to 1:43. Then I come here and find others who listened to the whole thing. Masochists!

  • Shawn Smith

    Modusoperandi @10:39,

    You jerk. You made me feel sorry for the asshole (at least for a little while.) If the kind of crap described in that video actually happened, and if it were anyone else, there would be all kinds of justifiable outrage about jackbooted thugs abusing their authority.

  • Trebuchet

    I couldn’t stand watching all of the Border Patrol arrest video, but I’m pretty sure stuff like that is happening all the time. We don’t here about it because most of the victims have brown skin.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Wasn’t this the cretin who showed up to a Obama Town Hall meeting carrying an AR-15 clone?

  • harold

    This guy is closeted, mentally ill, and a high risk to act out violently or provoke someone else to act out violently.

    Probably there’s nothing much anyone can do about that except give him a wide berth.

  • fifthdentist

    @ Modusoperandi

    Federal taxes: Thousands of dollars.

    State taxes: Hundreds of dollars.

    Sales taxes: 7 percent.

    Gasoline taxes: 16 percent

    Having government employees who receive my tax dollars tase and rough up a Baptist preacher: Priceless!

    Also, karma for Steve Anderson would be for him to be gang-raped in prison all night and forced to toss mens’ salad all day. Except I suspect he might actually like that.

  • fifthdentist

    Modusoperandi, I see your injured minister and raise you a rapping minister:

  • annp

    I’m hear to preach the Bible. ….Sodomites, queeers…they should be taken out and killed. ….Not reproducers. Recruiters. How are they multiplying?…..

    How many sodomites does one sodomite produce?

    Well, that is a good question. Let me take out my Barney Franks homo calculator….Now, when are you gonna kill this sodomite? Because that has a direct relation to how many other sodomites he can produce.

    Sodomites are vampires. Steve Anderson, making a name for himself. Making a living by standing up in front of God and Country and proclaiming his faith, his religion of the Sodomite! Born right out of Fred Phelps’ ass, another Southern Baptist just got to find a way to make a living off this homosexual thing, this fundraiser that is a gay hate bonanza.

    Your Honor, I did not tell that man to kill that Sodomite. He acted on his own. He acted on his own.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Now that I’m home… OK, it wasn’t Anderson who brought an assault rifle to an Obama rally. It was one of his parishioners:

  • Akira MacKenzie

    A query for the Bible-beating whack jobs regarding “recruitment:” What makes homosexual activity more appealing than heterosexual acts? Obviously, gays and lesbian sex must be AWESOME compared to boring old penis-in-vagina intercourse if it is capable of luring in a life of “sodomy.”

    Next question: If so, how do you know?

  • Pastor KKKrazzeepants used to have some sort of electronics/security/computer business goin’ on. Apparently some of his customers got a load of what he did with his downtime and decided he should have more of it. He, of course, blames satangayatheofags.

  • dochopper

    I enjoyed his me against the border Patrol Series .

    The Border Patrol strikes back was worth an Emmy .

    I can wait for the Sequel Preacher in Park with …

  • dingojack

    Max – take my advice avoid “Preacher: The Drone Wars” like the plauge. 🙂

    – Dingo

  • 4theist4narchist

    I thought these right-wing Jesus-types propagated a free-market philosophy? In a free market, if people decide they like homosexuality, then tough titty. You’re free market believers, live with it. That’s democracy, that’s the free market. If there is a demand for it, you have to supply it and shut your mouth. End of conversation.

  • mudplanet

    Did that chickenshit redneck jerk just call Barney Frank a pedophile?

    I hope Barney sues him black and blue.

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