Boykin and Fischer: No Mosques or Muslims in America

Boykin and Fischer: No Mosques or Muslims in America September 8, 2011

Two of the craziest and most dangerous of the wingnuts, retired Gen. Jerry Boykin and the AFA’s Bryan Fischer, got together on Fischer’s radio show recently to bring some serious crazy. They declared that Islam is not a religion, that it isn’t covered by the First Amendment, that we should ban the building of mosques in this country and should not allow any Muslims to emigrate to the United States. Right Wing Watch has the transcript and the video.

Fischer: What do you think we ought to do with regard to our immigration policies and with regard to issuing permits to build mosques in order to build mosques in order to deal with this threat, immigration and mosque building, what do you think we should do?

Boykin: Seal the borders and eliminate sanctuary cities and they’ll go home. No mosques in America. Islam is a totalitarian way of life; it’s not just a religion.

Fischer: Now how do you respond to the First Amendment? Now I believe the same thing that you do, we should not allow the building of any more mosques in America, everyone is a potential recruiting or training ground for terrorist activity. They will bring the First Amendment up, your response when people say they have a First Amendment right to build their mosque anywhere they want.

Boykin: If it’s a religion that’s the truth. But Islam, we need to think Sharia, it is not just a religion it is a totalitarian way of life. A mosque is an embassy for Islam and they recognize only a global caliphate, not the sanctity or sovereignty of the United States.

Ah yes, only true religions are covered by the First Amendment. Which means no religions are covered by it.


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