Gingrich Talks to God

Gingrich Talks to God September 10, 2011

At Jim DeMint’s presidential forum on Monday, Newt Gingrich was asked how he would make major decisions as president. He mostly babbled in response:

I think anyone who would not face the most serious questions by asking God’s guidance and God’s grace and asking God’s help would be a person who totally misunderstood the nature of life and who would be dangerous holding a major office.

So, I think — I would hope anyone would answer you by saying, in a truly big decision, or, frankly, small decisions — I find myself very often praying just before I speak or just before — there are — having — seeking God’s guidance strikes me as being the heart of whether or not you can survive in a world of danger and in a world of temptation and in a world where evil always lurks.

I wonder if he sought God’s guidance before he gave speeches railing against Bill Clinton’s infidelity while he was having an affair with a staffer behind the back of his wife while she battled cancer? Maybe God was out of the office that year. I’m sure God approved of it. After all, he only did it because he loves America so much.

I wonder if he consults with God before he sends out all those fraudulent fundraising scams, like those meaningless “awards” given to a “select few” doctors who had bravely fought against health care reform — if only they come to Washington and pay $5000 to be at the awards dinner. Or the one where he gives awards to entrepreneurs if, once again, they make a generous donation to him. That one was particularly popular with strip club owners and porn company executives. I’m betting God was okay with those two, since they mirror so closely the many scams used by televangelists to separate the credulous from their money.

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