Bradlee Dean Writes to Obama

Bradlee Dean Writes to Obama September 14, 2011

Anti-gay wingnut Bradlee Dean has written a letter to President Obama that will, I’m sure, get all the attention it is due — which is to say, it will go directly into the circular file where it deserves to go. To call this letter ridiculous would be entirely too kind. He whines about the “radical homosexual agenda” that keeps him from spreading his hateful messages in public schools. True to wingnut form, the letter contains randomly capitalized words.

It also contains fake quotes. He uses the fake quote from George Washington:

It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible.

Washington never said that. It contains this hilarious sentence:

Sadly, our posterity, who is the apple of my eye, has been reaping the disastrous consequences of the older generation’s lack of responsibility.

WTF? And this one:

“I, for one, cannot and will not stand down on this issue.”

Translation: I’m going to continue to say stupid things. Quelle surprise.

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