Barton Dropped by Christian Radio Station

Barton Dropped by Christian Radio Station September 19, 2011

Woohoo, it’s more wingnut-on-wingnut crime! A Christian radio station in Texas has dropped David Barton’s daily radio show from its lineup because Barton has been defending Glenn Beck, who is Mormon, as a Christian.

An affiliate radio station of the Moody Network in East Texas, KBJS-FM canceled David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live radio program during the show yesterday while Barton was discussing Glenn Beck’s religious beliefs. Randy Featherstone, KBJS manager, said the show was dropped due to Barton’s failure to distinguish between Mormon theology and Christianity.

“When David Barton said it doesn’t matter whether you are a Mormon or a Baptist or a Methodist, we felt we had to do something,” Featherstone explained.

More details:

On the Tuesday program, Barton played audio of Glenn Beck saying that “the Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer.” Then Barton said he believed that Beck was a Christian based on his statement of belief and “his fruits,” meaning his good deeds. Based on Beck’s statements, Barton then asked co-host Rick Green, “Glenn says he’s Mormon. Ok, that’s fine. Based on what you heard, if you heard a Baptist say that or if you heard a Methodist say that…what would you say?” After Green answered that Beck’s testimony indicated a real conversion, Barton responded, “Why is it not a real conversion because of the label he wears?”

Throughout the program, Barton dismissed Beck’s Mormonism, saying at one point, “I don’t care what label Beck wears. I don’t care what Glenn thinks Mormon means.” Barton also asserted that Beck uses the same Bible, but added, “Now he may use the Book of Mormon, we never talked about the Book of Mormon.”

Featherstone added that the station received many calls during the broadcast with callers who objected to Barton’s views. All but two callers supported the decision of the station to drop the show.

More of this please.

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  • Chiroptera

    Woohoo, it’s more wingnut-on-wingnut crime!

    I, too, find it highly amusing that the reason Barton was dropped is not because he’s an alleged historian who knows nothing about actual history.

  • Ramel


    that is all.

  • DaveL

    I wonder if this object lesson on doctrinal infighting will make him pause, and question whether it would really be a good idea to give government a mandate to promote religion.

    I’m guessing not.

  • abear

    I too think Beck might be a Xtian according to his fruits.

    Perhaps Barton as a historian will also detail how Jesus came to the Americas, built the pyramids in Mexico, then turned the white skinned Nephites (American Indians) brown because of their sin.

  • raven

    What I thought. It isn’t that Barton isn’t fruitbat crazy enough.

    He just isn’t the right kind of fruitbat crazy.

    There has been a long running feud between the Southern Baptists and Mormons. IIRC, it all started when they killed Joseph Smith and a few Mormons. Who retaliated a few years later at the Mountain Meadows massacre where the Mormons slaughtered 120 men, women, and children.

  • Now, if we could just get society, as a whole, to drop Christian Radio altogether,… well then, we just might be getting somewhere.

  • Michael Heath


    There has been a long running feud between the Southern Baptists and Mormons.

    This conflict extends to the northern evangelical and fundie denominations as well. The Missionary Church denomination I was raised in provided “educational” materials which had their pastors preaching to their flock that the Mormon Church was a cult. These materials defined a cult in the most egregious terms. Of course an analysis of what comprises a cult did no favors for those in the audience who weren’t completed deluded though I think only a handful were capable of noting the irony.

    This experience in church as a teen-ager back in the mid-1970s was one of the richest ironies I remember from my youth, matched by the fact that many of these members are currently devout disciples of Glenn Beck and were avid supporters of Mitt Romney’s in ’08. The most common reaction I hear now regarding this apparent contradiction is that they’re feelin’ fine about being liberal when it comes to politics given they’re demonstrating tolerance for a religious heretic; religious freedom and all don’t ya know – “you betcha!”.

    Such tolerance is of course not extended to secularists. The irony is given the enormous character deficiencies and mental illness described by these Christians which are supposedly prerequisites for being a cult member, which both describe themselves and should disqualify any political candidates if they actually possessed the qualities attributed to them. This attitude is analogous to how Christians argue their atheism for all gods except their own – or three, in the most logically defective manner possible. I.e., if they used the very same approach and framing they use against Mormons and believers in another god, they’d end up condemning their own religion and faith.

    Given the current conservative Christian meme that Islam is not a religion which is used to justify their advocacy we deny Muslim’s their religious freedom rights and justify not acting in an ecumenical manner towards them in the public square, it should be noted that defining Mormon’s as a cult was used back then to claim that the Mormon church was not an actual religion. I don’t recall the motivation for distinguishing the difference.

  • dochopper

    The argument over what flavor of Xtian nation “WE =THEY” think we are will be a blood bath.

  • “When David Barton said it doesn’t matter whether you are a Mormon or a Baptist or a Methodist, we felt we had to do something,” Featherstone explained.

    This is why Romney will have trouble being nominated by the Republicans.

  • harold

    Mitt Romney can’t seem to figure this one out.

    As a “tolerant” progressive, I’ll vote for someone who proposes policies I support. Personal religion is irrelevant unless it has an overt impact. Mitt got elected in “liberal” Massachusetts and Reid can get elected as a Democrat, of sorts, in Nevada.

    Mitt just cannot get it through his head that the Republican base, outside of Utah, does not like Mormons.

  • raven

    Mitt just cannot get it through his head that the Republican base, outside of Utah, does not like Mormons.

    It’s a bit of irony that the only two GOP candidates that resemble normal people are both Mormons, Romney and Huntsman.

    I’ve always been leary of voting for Mormons for one reason. They have a prophecy from Joseph Smith, the White Horse Prophecy, that one day a Mormon will be elected president when the US is in trouble. Many Mormons believe it fervently. They also believe that as the One True Church, they will eventually rule the world.

    Oddly enough, this one has a chance of coming to pass. Which is even weirder, because Joeseph Smith made dozens of prophecies that were wildly wrong.

    I’ve always been wary of religious cults that claim a divine mandate to rule over me/us. Whenever that happens, it ends badly. Ask the People’s Temple members down in Guyana, the FLDS, or Branch Davidians.

  • Doug Little

    raven @11

    I’ve always been leary of voting for Mormons for one reason. They have a prophecy from Joseph Smith…

    You didn’t need to elaborate from that point on.

  • I’ve been talking to DOG; no, not the non-existent omnipotent one, but my new roommate, Buddy. Buddy cannot, of course, actually speak in human vocalizations but he makes much more sense than any of the GOP’s candidates. He is unfailingly accurate in his assessment of them. When we go for a walk after his supper I point at any tree, pole, shrub or fencepost and say, “Buddy, there’s a republian; what do we do with republicans?”. His answer is to hose them down. Every couple of walks he needs to take a Palin.

  • John Hinkle

    Apparently Mormon Kung Woo is not very good, is it.

  • Larry

    Gosh, one religion saying another is false.

    Who could have ever foreseen that that would happen?

  • dingojack

    Larry – Psyhic Nikki?

    🙂 Dingo

  • azkyroth

    So much anger and trouble over one little extra “m”…

  • fastlane

    And Dingo@16 wins!!

    Congratulations, try not to step in the Palin….

  • 386sx

    Of all the good reasons they could have for dropping him, they pick the wing-nuttiest of all. Only in wingland, folks! Only in wingville…

  • Modusoperandi

    azkyroth “So much anger and trouble over one little extra ‘m’…”

    Now you’re just being ridiculous. “Mormo“?

  • 386sx

    Off topic…

    Adobe reader has a new version 10 so I downloaded and tried it out…

    Quickly deleted faster than you can say “adobe reader is stupid”…

    Not recommended…