Big Bad Bob Enyart

Big Bad Bob Enyart September 30, 2011

PZ writes about a guy showing up at his blog challenging him to debate Bob Enyart, a completely whacko evangelist from Colorado. I first encountered Enyart when he had a TV show syndicated on Christian stations, including one on the cable where I was living about 15 years ago. It was endlessly amusing. I used to call in once in a while.

It turns out the troll commenter is the producer of Enyart’s radio show. And he had some really funny things to say. Like this:

Personally I think that Walt Brown is the greatest scientist of our day, but after Walt Brown, Bob is one of the most brilliant scientific minds I’ve ever listened to.

He might as well have pronounced Paris Hilton to be one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world. And then there’s this, from one of Enyart’s challenges:

the mutations do not even occur in these structures themselves [the muscles and connective tissue] but in thousands of rungs of the DNA ladder.

Nothing gets past this genius. Nothing.

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