And…We’re Back

And…We’re Back October 6, 2011

Sorry about all the problems reaching us today. Believe me, it was as frustrating for us as it was for you. We ran into a major problem with our caching software and ended up maxing out the server as a result. Our tireless tech spent many hours getting it fixed and we’re back up and running. We’re going to be upgrading our server processor soon to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That may happen as soon as this weekend, but we’ll give you all some warning first.

So welcome back!

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  • Kiwi Sauce

    Hi Ed,

    Could you pass on my thanks to the tech? I raise a cup of tea in their general direction. 🙂

  • You might want to have them fix Recent Comments, which are borked. New comments don’t show up, then they show up, then they disappear, and so on. And preview is utterly dead.

  • Ah, the joys of running a busy multiuser WordPress installation…

  • Many thanks and kudos to your hard-working tech. And may I say how pleased and proud we are over at The Atheist Experience to be part of the FTB family!

  • 386sx

    This is a wonderful blog!

  • drlake

    I’m sure your technical issues are divine retribution. 🙂

  • 386sx

    I wouldn’t try and get Jerry Coyne in here as he would probably insist upon top billing, which could lead to arguments among the other bloggers.

  • Did you jiggle the cables? Did you try rebooting?

  • Um…you’re not quite back yet. I notice that clicking on a link in the “Most Active” list only brings me back to the top of the page I was originally on. This happens whether or not I’m logged in.

  • Okay, that’s really weird. I can’t imagine anything in the templates or WordPress files was changed in fixing the caching problem. Got the tech on it.

  • klancaster

    Are you guys self-hosting? You might want to look in to or Rackspace. I host several projects on linode and have been quite happy. And you can upgrade servers very quickly. No – I don’t work for them :-).

  • abb3w

    Suggestion: you might want to create a separate blog (“Grit in the Gears”?) for posting information purely regarding operations issues. With luck, it will be quiet except for announcing the hordes of new bloggers, deployments to ever-larger clusters to host the traffic, and asking for suggestions about Atheist charities to donate some of the Buffet-obscene profits you’re making. (OK, with a lot of luck.) Without luck… people know where to go for reporting technical issues, and you know where to go to look for griping.

    I’d also suggest having an “Endless Technical Problems” thread on it, to help keep the bad news out of the (hopefully) more prevalent announcement threads.