Geller, Spencer Lie About John Jay

Geller, Spencer Lie About John Jay October 6, 2011

This situation is developing quite nicely. After John Jay’s vile screed calling for the murder of everyone he disagrees with, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer are trying hard to distance themselves from him. When questioned by ThinkProgress they “strongly condemned” Jay’s statements, which is good. But then they claimed that he has no involvement and never had any involvement with the various groups they’ve set up to push their Islamophobic views.

But, Jay’s name and signature appears on the articles of incorporation for American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an umbrella organization for which Geller is the executive director. Geller and Spencer claim Jay was never a board member and is not affiliated in any way. Geller writes that while Jay helped establish the organization, he is not a member of the board:

Last year I was in a rush to get the organization off the ground, and enlisted [Jay’s] help and that of several others. At that time I hadn’t yet chosen the board members or the key players in the organization. Jay helped me out so I could get the incorporation papers filed, but was never a Board member or a part of the organizational structure in any way. He was gone almost as soon as he was there, and is not a member of AFDI.

Spencer emails a similar statement saying, Jay “is not on the Board now, never has been, and is not a member of the organization.”

However, this seems to conflict with a blog post Spencer wrote in August of last year after Jay stirred controversy with a different call to arms. In that post on his Jihad Watch blog, Spencer wrote about the “misrepresentations of some writings by John Jay, a member of the SIOA Board.” SIOA is Stop the Islamization Of America, an organization also headed by Geller and connected to AFDI.

Funny, you publicly called him a member of the board of both organizations, even saying so in official legal filings, before he said those things in public and embarrassed you. Sounds like a deathbed conversion to me.

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