Jon Stewart Takes Down Romney

Jon Stewart Takes Down Romney October 9, 2011

Here’s a brilliant clip on the Daily Show about Mitt Romney’s many convenient changes of position.

When I’ve written about Romney’s utter lack of a coherent position on any subject, a few people have said that I shouldn’t use the term “flip flop” because there’s nothing wrong with changing one’s mind. That’s obviously true. But not all changes of position are created equally. Andrew Sullivan nails the reality of Romney:

Everyone should be allowed to change his or her mind. God knows I have, as events have unfolded. But if Romney’s shifts were connected to new facts, or new arguments, they would have some punch. But what’s amazing about him is that all of them seem clearly caused purely by opportunism in a party lurching toward fundamentalism in religion (the Bible), economics (no revenue increases ever) and politics (the Constitution, as viewed by someone in the late eighteenth century).

Exactly right.

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