Romney = McCain = Kerry?

Romney = McCain = Kerry? October 12, 2011

I have been saying for months that Mitt Romney is the most electable Republican in the general election and that if the Republicans choose to nominate one of the wingnuts instead, they’ll be handing the 2012 election to Obama — despite the fact that, under normal circumstances, Obama would be all but unelectable next year. My argument has been that a Perry, Cain or Bachmann candidacy would send independent voters fleeing from the Republicans. But this post at seems to make a lot of sense to me:

There’s only one problem: He’ll lose the general election.

He’ll lose the general election for a very simple reason: Nobody in the conservative base is excited about him. While the so-called GOP opinion leaders wax on about how super-electable he is, they fail to recognize that it is precisely that logic that gave us the unelectable John McCain. Turnout wins elections these days, not appeals to the independent voter.

That is how George W. Bush won the 2004 election, by turning out the base strongly. And the parallels are there not only with McCain but with John Kerry as well. Was anyone really excited about John Kerry in 2004 on the Democratic side? Not really. He was just the next guy in line. Same with McCain among Republicans in 2008 (though Romney would have had the same problem). I hate to give Ben Shapiro credit for anything because he’s mostly an imbecile. And the rest of that column is faux martyr nonsense about how the media hates conservatives and tries to destroy them. But he may have a point here.

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