Barber: No Dominionism, Just Taking Over the Government

Barber: No Dominionism, Just Taking Over the Government October 17, 2011

The endlessly ridiculous Matt Barber says that those who are critical of the religious right’s dominionist tendencies are inventing it out of thin air — they have no intention of taking dominion over the country, they just want to take over the government:

They’re painting those who call for a return to moral principle in public policy “dominionist” bogeymen who seek to “take over government” and impose an American, Taliban-like theocracy.

This, of course, is propagandist nonsense– a silly ploy intended to frighten into action both the “progressive” base and fence-sitting independents.

Still, this much they have right: Christians and constitutionalists alike do intend to win the ongoing war for our culture. We do intend to “take over government” insofar as this means ensuring that true, traditionalist statesmen are elected to office.

The important part, of course, is what happens when those people take over. Kiss reproductive rights goodbye. And you can forget even the most basic equal protection for gays and lesbians; these people literally want to go back to the days when they were thrown in jail. There would be a crackdown on anything they regard as indecent. Funny, that sounds a lot like a Taliban-like theocracy, doesn’t it?

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