Robert O’Brien Nominee: Craige McMillan

Robert O’Brien Nominee: Craige McMillan October 17, 2011

As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue, there have been a lot of really stupid things said about them. This one may take the cake. Unsurprisingly, it’s from Craige McMillan, a columnist for the Worldnutdaily, in a column with the headline The Nazi Takeover of America Has Begun.

Take a good look at the faces of the protesters you see in the streets, America. They are destined to become your new masters.

They are run from the White House.

Your tax dollars are paying them to overthrow the Constitution.

Now that’s some serious stupid right there.

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  • Aquaria

    They really don’t know that Obama is in bed with the people being protested against, do they?

    Well, they are conservatives. They’re not the brightest bunch on the tree.

  • MikeMa

    Not really well connected to reality is he?

    In another column, I can imagine protests for banning abortion where this loon would compare them with the founding fathers. Nazis if I don’t like what is being protested, Angels if I do. This meme gets old.

  • Tualha

    LOL. If this were true, Obama sure wouldn’t be getting his money’s worth.

  • slc1

    Prof. Jason Rosenhouse over at the evolution blog posted a comment on the subject of mathematician Herman Cain’s ignorance of statistics and misuse of regression in his 999 plan. Note, however, comment #23 by a putz calling himself Economic Mastermind, who rivals Mr. McMillan in stupidity. Note also the comment #25 from the individual who, I believe, commented here in a previous post under the moniker collinb.

  • ManOutOfTime

    I heard once that Hitler found it ironic that the greatest capitalist enterprise in history, the USA, was allied against him with the USSR. No idea if that is true, but it is logical. The lack of self-awareness and historical literacy on the part of the right is disgusting – making sure the labels have no meaning but what they give them is an objective for sure. It would be no more accurate to call the 99%ers “Bolsheviks,” but at least it would jibe with traditional winger/Bircher rhetoric. The greatest irony of all, to me, is that the 1% is in cahoots with the PRC to destroy American labor! Perhaps this is why a new Red Scare is not in the cards.

  • John Hinkle

    Wow, he godwin’ed the title of his article? I think only telepathy can beat that.