Bauer: The Protesters are Terrorists!

Bauer: The Protesters are Terrorists! October 19, 2011

Let’s see, so far we’ve had the occupy protesters called Nazis and communists, and Glenn Beck has claimed that they’re going to kill everyone, starting with him. It’s about time some wingnut compared them to terrorists, right? Gary Bauer, step right up.

The private company that owns Zuccotti Park backed down from its demand that the Wall Street protestors clear out so the park could be cleaned. And how did the protestors respond? Just as Iran or the jihadists in the Palestinian territories do — at the first sign of weakness they attack!

We need a version of the Godwin law for this kind of thing. According to the wingnuts, pretty much anyone who doesn’t agree with them is just like the terrorists or, in the case of gay people, a greater threat than terrorists.

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