The Jerry Falwell Library

The Jerry Falwell Library October 23, 2011

Those are three words that should never be seen in succession, yet Liberty University is going to spend $50 million to build a library named after their founder. At first I figured there would be only one book, the Bible. But then there are all those young earth creationist books too. And Josh McDowell’s entire catalog. And anything by Tim LaHaye. So there may be lots of books, with almost no genuine intellectual content in them at all.

It’s also going to contain a museum dedicated to his life and ministry. I presume that will be named the Museum of Ridiculous Lies.

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  • bahrfeldt

    Wasn’t that a porn shop on the pre-Disney 42nd street? Oh, wait. No, that was the Jimmy Swaggart Library.

  • But this is good! That’s fifty million dollars not spent on politics, etc.

  • Larry

    I’m sure they’ll have the greatest collection of Jack Chick tracts anywhere! And I’ll go out on a limb here and state that one book that won’t be there will be a biology book.

  • Michael Heath

    This library will distinguish itself by containing a collection of books which are pressed on non-Christians by Christians where the Christians doing the pressing have never read the book and the non-Christian can easily discern the fraud perpetuated by the authors of these books. Josh McDowell’s books are particularly illustrative of this behavior, as are the YEC books.

    I suggest they put a Sarah Palin quote from the Joe McGinnis book above the entrance to this library:

    “I never read anything that might conflict with my beliefs”

    Or perhaps the same with a strike-out:

    “I never read anything that might conflict with my beliefs”

  • alkaloid

    Wouldn’t an eternal book burning analogous to an eternal flame be more appropriate symbolically?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    My personal library is clearly better (though it cost a bit less than $50M), because it has James Dobson’s War on America by Gil Alexander-Moegerle and Dirk Smillie’s Falwell Inc.: Inside a Religious, Political, Educational, and Business Empire (not to mention, never mind trigger moderation delays by linking to, books by Rob Boston, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, G.A. Wells, Bart Ehrman, Charles Darwin, et al) – and I’ll betcha a stale dry Christ Crispie™ that none of those titles will ever grace the shelves of the JFL.

  • marymallone

    I just find that waste really sad. There are so many beautiful books that could be bought instead. If they want a fiction library, I have hundreds of recommendations. It doesn’t affect me what the put into the library, but I just feel sad that their money isn’t being put to better use.

  • gregorylynn

    A library dedicated to making people stupider…

  • justawriter

    To dust off the old joke … the library will include both books from Falwell’s personal collection, including the one he had almost finished coloring.

  • sezme

    I have no doubt it will contain a whole wing dedicated to tapes of Falwell’s finest moments on TV with his 9/11 comments running in a continuous loop at the entrance.

  • Hey, want something really weird? According to, they have a copy of my book in the Liberty University School of Law.

  • briandavis

    It will take a very large building to store the complete collection of fund raising letters that Falwell sent out over his lifetime. I doubt that $50M will be enough.