Catholic School Refuses Freethought Club

Catholic School Refuses Freethought Club October 25, 2011

The University of Dayton, a Catholic college, is refusing to allow a student club called the Society of Freethinkers to form at the school and get recognition along with other student organizations. And as a private school, they have that right. But here’s the part that I find fascinating:

This rejection mirrors the same issue occurring currently at Notre Dame University, which also rejected an atheist club official status on campus.

The argument from advocates seems to be to further dialogue. Supporters of the groups suggest that the school’s recognition of gay and lesbian clubs on campus should be considered similarly to a “Free thinkers” club. One example used in both cases was that both schools recognize clubs for gays and lesbians while admitting that the Catholic Church considers homosexual acts “intrinsically disordered.”

So apparently non-believers rank below gays and lesbians in Catholic thinking.

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