Jacobs: Occupy Wall Street is Demonic

Jacobs: Occupy Wall Street is Demonic October 25, 2011

Well you knew this was coming. The Occupy Wall Street protesters aren’t just communists, terrorists and Nazis; they’re actually controlled by demons and working hand in hand with Satan himself. So says wingnut Cindy Jacobs:

Cindy Jacobs has now issued her own prayer alert through her Reformation Prayer Network in which shewarns that their is a “principality, a power of darkness” at work behind the OWS protests seeks to unleash a “spirit of anarchy” in the nation and “foment revolutions” that will spark a full-blown class war:

Here’s the video:


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  • MikeMa

    Ah, but of course. She’s probably got her $$$.

    I wonder if her base is marching? She could be in for a rude shock to find her donations and financial appeals coming up short as a result of calling the donators demons. I can only hope.

  • DaveL

    Yeah, but Cindy Jacobs thinks PEZ is demonic.

  • anandine

    They use “demonic” as though that’s a bad thing.

  • Ramel

    Hit the captions button and select “transcribe audio” and it suddenly makes much more sense…

  • It would be nice if the Christians bothered to read the red words in their Bibles (when they have such copies).

  • AsqJames

    She might be right: the “spirit of anarchy” (AKA financial deregulation) on Wall Street and in other financial centres is what led to the banking crisis…which led to the bailouts…which led to the protests.

    As to whether or not “demons” were behind the deregulation, it’s unlikely, but we shouldn’t rule it out. So by good Christian logic, anyone who lobbied or voted for relaxing banking/investment regulations between (say) 1980 and 2008 should be burnt at the stake.

    It’s a kindness really.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Whenever they get all stressed about a “class war” it reminds me of the bullies in school who would whomp some random kid every day as part of the natural order of things, and then freak out at the injustice of anyone resisting.

  • Larry

    Somehow, I don’t think demonic means what the bitch thinks it means.

  • Larry

    “what the bitch thinks it means”

    I think that is a very cruel and nasty thing to say, dogs have feelings too you know.

  • raven

    Hmmm, well so far it is demons 1, Cindy Jacobs 0.

    Why can’t the xian prayer warrior exorcists just drive them out. Cindy claims to be a new Apostle with superpowers given by god itself.

    It is a rhetorical question. Cindy Jacobs is a fake and fraud and demons don’t exist.

  • raven

    It’s obvious US fundie xianity is going back to its roots.

    Primitive superstition.

    1. They are already notorious for practicing human child sacrifice.

    2. The fundies live in demon haunted Darkness.

    Carl Sagan: The candle flame gutters. Its little pool of light trembles. Darkness gathers. The demons begin to stir.

    Their candle went out a long time ago.

    How much further back can they go? As everyone knows, there is no bottom. I suppose we will know when they start stoning their disobedient children and nonvirgin brides to death again.

  • Aquaria

    So these republican tools are that afraid of what OWS is doing–and how their ideas are catching on with people? They thought no one else could mobilize people? They thought it couldn’t be done without astroturf roots, like the teabaggers were, originally?

    Cindy, shut up. And who dressed you? That fuschia monstrosity 1) is inappropriate for a TV interview because it looks cheap and tacky under TV lights; 2) is ugly on you and 3) the 80s are fucking over. Honestly, honey, stop trying to look like Joan Collins circa Dynasty!

  • pHred

    3) the 80s are fucking over. Honestly, honey, stop trying to look like Joan Collins circa Dynasty!

    Oh, that is why she scared me. I was wondering why I had a kneejerk reaction. I remember hating that show when my mom was watching it. Urgh.

  • Taz

    It’s amazing to me how blatant these people are in using Christianity as a tool to promote right-wing politics.

  • raven

    Oh, that is why she scared me.

    Her outfit didn’t scare me. It just looks dated.

    The expression on her face and in her eyes is a bit unsettling. She looks seriously fruitbat insane.

  • twincats

    You forgot Islamic terrorists, that’s another one that’s been tacked on to OWS. At this point, they’re just throwing any old shit to see what sticks.

    Yeah, but Cindy Jacobs thinks PEZ is demonic.

    Well, to be fair, PEZ is pretty demonic; it’s a bad toy with bad candy.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    With the end of the Soviet Bloc and “Red” China acting more and more capitalist with each passing year, “Class Warfare” are the Republcan’s replacement scare phrase for “Godless Communist Subversion.”

  • Michael Heath

    raven writes:

    Hmmm, well so far it is demons 1, Cindy Jacobs 0.

    You know you’re pathetic when you’re losing to imaginary beings.

  • ah58

    I love how she tries not to take any real responsibility for what she’s saying. It’s all “God would say this and God would say that”. Why does the supposedly most powerful being in the universe need to use this loser as his mouthpiece?

    If her only recommendation is to “stand up and pray” OWS away, I say go ahead. Knock yourself out. I do wonder why god, who according to her already has his mind made up, needs people to pray and beg him to do something about it though.