Life on Planet Wingnuttia, Issue Number One

Life on Planet Wingnuttia, Issue Number One October 25, 2011

This is the first edition of a new comic series called Life on Planet Wingnuttia. I’m working on it with my friend Cabin Campbell, a very talented graphic artist who blogs at The Strangest Adventures. We’re going to try to have one done per week, illustrating the bizarre alternate reality that wingnuts seem to inhabit. Here’s Issue Number One.

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  • John Hinkle

    Good one. But what if it’s a slow week and there’s no material?

  • Ask for material and ye shall receive. Will you be considering unsolicited submissions? I may have a few million ideas.

  • Draken

    @1, that will be when hell freezes over the GOP dissolves.

  • DaveL

    “Seven Wives for Two Conservatives?”

    Shouldn’t that be:

    “Seven Brides for Two Bigots?”

  • Michael Heath

    John Hinkle:

    Good one. But what if it’s a slow week and there’s no material?

    I see the challenge being what to pick from an overwhelming inventory of choices. There’s people and groups who deserve their own weekly edition.

  • MikeMa

    Even worse than the infidelity and ‘serial polygamy(TM)’ doesn’t one of these bozos have a religious conversion to answer for? That must rile up the ‘my sect or hell’ morons even worse than the bimbo parade.

  • Aquaria

    Good one. But what if it’s a slow week and there’s no material?

    There’s no need to fear that as long as there is:

    Fox News

    World Nut Daily


    Free Republic


    Red State Blogs

    The National Review

    Trust me–there’s always something stupid to find from each of them, on at least a twice-daily basis.

  • Heck yeah, we’ll take ideas if you’ve got them. I doubt we’ll have any trouble finding material.

  • Good luck with the comic. There’s no shortage of wingnuttery to ridicule. I’ve got some particular political issues I’d like to be covered, as well as a suggestion or two for you to consider:

    A comparison between laws Christian theocrats are trying to impose and radical Sharia laws in Muslim theocracies, juxtaposed with dire warnings of “creeping Sharia” in the US, possibly mirrored with a Muslim theocrat warning about “western corruption.”

    Showing how torture misleads intelligence and supports terrorist recruitment drives, thus it’s stupid even if you avoid any mention of the inherent immorality.

    Waterboarding was unequivocally called torture whenever the US’s enemies did it, but after the US got caught doing it, suddenly it’s “enhanced interrogation.”

    Potential for Yakov Smirnov’s joke style of the Orwellian surveillance state variety: Replace “Soviet Russia” with “Post-9/11 America.” I realize Obama did more than his share of abusing SSP, spying, and such, but let’s not forget that Bush and friends got the whole thing really rolling. “In America, you browse the web. In Post-9/11 America, the web browses you!” (I know, my example is pretty bad, but I think there’d be a better way to execute the joke.)

    Possible recurring character: The Ghost of Joseph McCarthy.

  • Aquaria


    Did you see this over at Right Wing Watch:

    While speaking with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on yesterday’s edition of Today’s Issues, Rick Santorum argued that single mothers were the “political base” of the Democratic Party, and that Republicans should work to lessen single motherhood in order to score political points against their Democratic rivals. The Democratic Party, Santorum said, relies on “single mothers who run a household” and have a “desire for government” as their voter base, and concluded that building “two parent families” is necessary “to reduce the Democratic advantage.”


  • Aquaria

    You might also want to add fstdt to your source material, for some truly so-scary-and/or-stupid-you-have-to-laugh-not-to-cry lunacy from the religions right.

  • stuartvo

    I suspect #1 was being sarcastic. 🙂

  • cholten99

    Er, you’re probably not reading comments on a post that’s 2 days old but on the off-chance…

    While mocking the wingnut-afflicted is good sport (and heaven knows there’s a lot of it about) I was wondering if you’ve seen the efforts that some non-partisan folks are putting into establishing a sane dialogue over at the Conference on a Constitutional Convention (

    It was co-sponsored by Larry Lessig (Harvard Law professor) and Mark Meckler (Tea Party) and was focused on proving that people from all parts of the political spectrum can actually sit in the same room and have a civil conversation! The introduction from Mark Meckler (video : is remarkably sane and is framed as the divide between incumbent politicians and media vs every else rather than left vs right.

    Very much worth keeping an eye on.

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