Kirk Cameron’s Fails His Own Trick Question

Kirk Cameron’s Fails His Own Trick Question November 1, 2011

You’re gonna love this video. Kirk Cameron was hosting a show on TBN recently and he asked the audience a trick question: Was it the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence that begins with the phrase “four score and seven years ago”? It’s a trick question, of course, but Cameron falls for his own trick. His answer: “That was the emancipation proclamation.” No, it wasn’t. It was the Gettysburg Address. Maybe he hadn’t eaten his banana that morning.


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  • Good god. Even I (a Canuck) knew that. There are no bounds to these people’s confident ignorance, is there?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    I don’t think this is possible:

    If we could just get a little more simplistic . . .

  • Randomfactor

    So, according to the Bible, how many of each type of animal did Moses take on the ark, Kirk?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    By the way, Ed, the FtB software needs an upgrade. It doesn’t appear to be about to count responses. Here‘s a screenshot.

    Also, you may want to fix the title of this post. It’s defies my ability to parse it.

  • davidct

    As part of the make up your own reality media, why should the facts matter. Kirk is not only entitled to his own beliefs, one of those beliefs is that he is entitled to his own reality. In a culture where facts are not valued, what would you expect.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    . . . about to count . . .

    Of course I meant “able to count”. This always happens, doesn’t it?

  • Randomfactor

    There should be a colon after “fails.” Or possibly as the source of his information.

  • Larry

    Is the kirkster channeling Palin? That is the kind of numbskullery BS she does so very well.

  • The video clip cuts off right after he said it was the EP. I’m suspicious. Did he catch himself right away, and correct himself in the next few seconds, or did he really believe that?

  • It’s an easy mistake to make. It’s not like the Gettysburg address is one of the most famous and most quote speeches in American history. It was a minor three minute stump speech. As Lincoln himself noted, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here…”

  • jacobfromlost

    It’s almost as if Cameron is thinking, “No one actually knows this stuff because I don’t know it. So I’ll make a point about how no one knows it, and if I screw it up, no one will notice because no one knows it–I can throw in anything I want and it will be ok.”

    The only think he demonstrated was how ignorant he is–and, apparently, happily so.

    I’ll quote a friend who once gave this exasperated, resigned advice to a group which will remain nameless: “Don’t let the idiots decide how things go.”

  • heironymous

    something about the blind leading the blind

  • #9

    I second that. Also, I am very curious to see the full reaction from the gentleman sitting next to him. It appears like he may have realized Kirk’s mistake, from the way he immediately looked at him, but we’d need a few more seconds of footage to get a better take.

    Based on that gentleman’s ability to point out it was a trick question so quickly, I’d guess he knew Kirk’s answer was wrong too.

  • Eric R


    I third that, you just know that if they didnt leap on that immediately that video would have continued so additional scorn could be heaped upon both cameron and the host…to me the fact that the video cuts out almost before the last syllable is completed makes it very likely that they caught it immediately.

  • dingojack

    ” Maybe he hadn’t eaten his banana that morning”.

    (IfyaknowwhatImean!! *NudgeNudgeWinkWink*) – 🙂 Dingo

  • D. C. Sessions

    There are no bounds to these people’s confident ignorance, is there?

    That’s why I have a bumper sticker:

    “Dunning/Kruger 2012”

  • scienceavenger

    It brings great comfort to my world view that Kirk Cameron is really as stupid as I always thought he was.

  • It’s funny Cameron hasn’t tried to make a mainstream comeback. He must have drunk so much of the koolaid that he simply can’t think about going back to “sinful” Hollywood, even though it would allow him to get his message out to a far wider audience. Just compare him to his contemporaries, Jason Bateman, who has a quite successful career these days as a character actor, and Neil Patrick Harris.

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    They don’t make ’em dumber than KC, unless they are willing to pay money or spend time admiring KC.

    Xians are dumbfuck asshole bigots. And that’s their GOOD side.

  • Michael Heath

    D.C. Sessions:

    That’s why I have a bumper sticker:

    “Dunning/Kruger 2012″

    Oh, that’s good.

  • I saw more of the clip and the host does correct him. Crocoducks ate his brain.

  • mithrandir

    Xians are dumbfuck asshole bigots.

    I hope you’re using “Xians” as a way to distinguish from “Christians” here. I’ve known far too many Christians who aren’t dumbfuck asshole bigots – the worst that could be said about them is that they believe in the existence of one more nonexistent entity than you or I do.

  • “Xians are dumbfuck asshole bigots. And that’s their GOOD side.”

    Mithrandir’s point is a good one. That’s why I say, “christian” when I’m talking about decent, hardworking people who are delusional re: the SkyDaddy.

    When I’m talking about “dumbfuck asshole bigots” I refer to them as KKKristians or, at times, RepubliKKKans (there’s considerable overlap).

  • holytape –

    Easy or not, only a complete buffoon would go on tee vee and make that sort of mistake. And honestly? That should be an easy one that any U.S. American child with a forth grade education should recognize. I understand that a lot of kids and even adults wouldn’t know that – but Cameron was privileged enough that he should have gotten a decent education.

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