Wingnut Mayor Tries to Be Clever

Wingnut Mayor Tries to Be Clever November 1, 2011

Remember that town in Tennessee with the cross on its water tower, where the mayor called those who objected to it being there terrorists? Well he’s trying to be terribly clever by only removing part of the cross and thus rendering it no longer a cross:

The mayor of the town complied in his own way, having one arm of the cross removed as a form of protest.

Technically, the cross is gone but it serves as a reminder to what the town was forced to do.

In a letter to Nashville lawyer Alvin Harris, Mayor James Bellar wrote, “This brings to close a sad chapter in the history of Whiteville that can best be described as terroristic, cowardly and shameful! The fear and terror caused our older people here is shameful. So shame on your client and your firm!”

The group called off plans to sue the town, called the mayor’s protest “bizarre” and says it will be watching.

They’re so cute when they’re stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum.

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