Geller Hearts Cain Again

Geller Hearts Cain Again November 4, 2011

Less than three months after she abandoned him in the wake of his half-hearted notpology for saying he would not name a Muslim to his administration, wingnut extraordinaire Pam Geller is now officially endorsing Herman Cain.

The latest eruption in the Cain campaign sabotage is the bombshell that Rick Perry was the one who leaked the anonymous sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain.

Perry is a snake. Watch him. He is creepy. And his drunken, freak show speech this past weekend belonged in a Roger Corman film.

I questioned his very bad judgment when I exposed his entire Islamic curriculum, dawah and proselytizing, to Texas school children. But this? Perry is a really bad guy. Only a lowlife (or a Democrat — Perry was Al Gore’s campaign manager) would eliminate a better man with innuendo and gossip. Men like Perry do not win on merit.

I endorse Herman Cain. What he doesn’t know, we’ll teach him.

Whatever will she tell her fellow paranoid lunatic, Frank Gaffney, who says that Cain consorts with the Muslim Brotherhood and is therefore evil?

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