ACT for America’s Fundraising Video

ACT for America’s Fundraising Video November 5, 2011

The group ACT! for America, one of the many Islamophobic wingnut groups fleecing the bigoted and credulous these days, has put out a new fundraising video featuring the founder, Brigitte Gabriel. I’ll put that video below the fold.

I had a conversation in Washington last week with Haris Tarin of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. I first met him at a conference in New York and he’s a really fascinating guy. His father was a diplomat in Afghanistan who was forced to flee his homeland when the Soviet Union invaded in the 70s. He had offers to live in many countries but chose the United States. His is the quintessential American story, in my view. This is a man who strongly embraces the Enlightenment values that this nation, at its best, can embody.

He told me that ACT! for America has opened an office on Capitol Hill and is courting sympathetic legislators there. I’m certainly not surprised. They sell the same ridiculous and dangerous nonsense we hear from Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney, that Muslim-Americans are plotting to take over the country and impose Sharia law on us all. I’m more worried about an invasion from Jupiter.


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