Farah’s Mythical History

Farah’s Mythical History November 7, 2011

Joseph Farah examines the immigration question in light of his own bizarre fundamentalist Christian beliefs. God, you see, is totally on his side, and he justifies this with a straw man argument and a clear cut false dichotomy. God wants there to be borders, he argues, and therefore those borders need to be almost totally sealed up.

For starters, I challenge anyone to check an exhaustive online or offline concordance for the word “border” or “borders” to get an appreciation of how many times God’s Word references these terms. While not all of them are relevant to our discussion, I count 169 references, most of them making the point that God cares about them. He cares about boundaries between nations. In fact, it is God Himself who invented nation-states back in Genesis 11.

Why did He do it?

It seems He scattered the world’s population and created the diverse languages in an effort to subvert man’s efforts to unite in a global kingdom under a false universal religion. Keep in mind, this took place before God created the nation of Israel.

Interestingly, one of the prime motivations of those behind the promotion of borderless societies is this very same notion of regional government and global government and the breakdown of nationalism.

But very few people actually argue for eliminating nation-states, even if doing so was actually possible. Very, very few people — and none with any power or influence — argue for a borderless society. But it’s much easier to defeat your opponent’s arguments when you reduce them to their most absurd and unlikely caricature rather than the actual policy proposals being made on the issue.

What was wrong at the time of the Tower of Babel remains wrong today. That should be clear to anyone and everyone whose standard of morality is the Bible.

Nations were first established by God as a judgment in Genesis 11. Remember the Tower of Babel story? It seems there was a man named Nimrod who attempted to set up the first world government and the first false religion.

After the Flood, God decreed that man should scatter across the whole earth and be fruitful and multiply. But, about 100 years later, a large contingent of men, under the leadership of Nimrod, whose very name means “let us revolt or rebel,” decided they would settle in Shinar and build a tower to make a name for themselves.

God foiled this plan by scattering them around the world and creating new languages among the new nations that were thus established.

Make no mistake about it: Nation-states are an invention of the Creator – a deliberately chosen device to serve His purposes.

Seriously? The flood and the tower of Babel? He might as well base his policy choices on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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