Detroit Prayer Rally Causing Controversy

Detroit Prayer Rally Causing Controversy November 9, 2011

This Friday, the same people who brought you Rick Perry’s August prayer rally in Houston, Lou Engle and The Call, are staging a similar event in Detroit. And they’ve been spouting some serious crazy about it since they started planning it. We started covering it at the Michigan Messenger a couple weeks ago and now some of the bigger media outlets are picking up on it.

In a Youtube video, Engle and Rick Joyner made the crazy claim that Muslims wanted to make Michigan the “first Muslim state” in America and that this prayer rally would convert Muslims by sending Jesus to them in their dreams.

Joyner: One of the things Detroit has become known for in our nation is the largest Muslim community in our nation, and Dearborn, it’s growing. Many havesaid there actually is an attempt to make Michigan our first Muslim state…. You cannot understand our modern world today without understanding Islam, and the Lord called them hypocrites who did not know the Signs of the Times. We need to know and understand this issue, we have to. And Islam is in our face, everywhere we return. And here, in America, this is the one place where it is most in our face, right now…

Engle: At 11-11-11 the Lord just clearly showed to us, you got to pray all night long because it’s when the Muslims sleep and all over the world right now Muslims in the night are having dreams of Jesus, we believe that God wants to invade with His love Dearborn with dreams of Jesus. We’re gathering together to say God, pour out your grace and revelations of Jesus all over Dearborn and the Muslim communities of North and South America.

As I reported last week, Engle held a similar rally in Uganda last year, during which his fellow “apostles” promoted and supported a bill still being considered by that country that would put many gay people to death and imprison anyone found to be gay. Engle put out a press release saying that he did not support the bill and that it was promoted only after he had to leave early to catch a plane, but in fact the person speaking before him on the stage had called for its passage. Engle said he supported those who wanted to “lessen the penalties” in the bill, but not eliminate them.

And just this week, Engle told a church group that if the Detroit prayer rally is not sustained, “you open a vacuum for demons seven times worse to come in , if black and white can’t move together in prayer and sustain it, forget it let’s not even go there, you get demons seven times worse.”

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