Detroit Prayer Rally Features Serious Wingnuts

Detroit Prayer Rally Features Serious Wingnuts November 10, 2011

This Friday there’s going to be a prayer rally at Ford Field in Detroit, organized by the same folks who brought you Rick Perry’s rally in Houston in August. And as you might expect, they’re gonna bring some serious crazy. Right Wing Watch reports that Lou Engle, the man behind the rally, worked with Transformation Michigan to put the event together.

Transformation Michigan is a conservative Christian group with a history of presenting the views of anti-Muslim extremists, including Rick Joyner, who is also involved with The Call Detroit rally, and Jerry Boykin. Both of them are part of the leadership team that organized the Detroit prayer rally.

Boykin is a former Lt. General who was forced to step down in 2003 after he told a church group, while wearing his uniform, that the U.S. was engaged in a Christian war against Islam. The Bush administration was particularly sensitive to sending a message to the Muslim world that America is at war with their religion rather than with those who commit terrorism in the name of that religion.

Boykin has argued that Islam “should not be protected under the First Amendment” and that they should not be allowed to build mosques anywhere in the United States.

Rick Warzywak of Transformation Michigan held a conference call in May of this year with Kim Clement, one of the “prophets” involved with the organization, who said that God had told him directly that this weekend’s event is going to convert millions ofMuslims to Christianity all over the world. Clement will be speaking at the prayer rally.

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