Gingrich on Foreign Policy

Gingrich on Foreign Policy November 14, 2011

Watching the Republican presidential candidates flail around for a coherent position on foreign policy can be fun. It could even be turned into a dangerous drinking game. Here’s Newt Gingrich on Fox News agreeing that we should pull our troops out of Iraq but still saying Obama is wrong to do so:

GINGRICH: If you watch in the next few weeks, the Shia are going to go after the Sunnis. I mean the second we are out of that country, the Shia, this is their first chance in hundreds of years –

KRAUTHAMMER: Are you glad that we’re out as a result of that?

GINGRICH: I think — yeah — I think there’s no short term advantage to us being there. And I really thought by the way, trying to leave 3,000 troops was an invitation for total disaster.

KRAUTHAMMER: So you approve of the agreement, or the place where the president has come to?

GINGRICH: No! No. I think we are — look if this president had been serious we’d be in a different place.

This is even faster than his last flip flop on the issue, when Gingrich demanded a no-fly zone over Libya and then called it “opportunism” when Obama did exactly that and said, “I would not have intervened.”

Michael Cohen has another great example of Republican mind-bending on Libya:

Oh no, not so fast says noted foreign policy expert Marco Rubio – the real credit belongs to the British and French not the United States, which as Rubion seems not to know took the military lead, organized an international coallition and pushed a resolution authorizing force through the Security Council. (By the way, try to imagine for a second if a leading Democrat had given credit for a US military triumph to the French? The French! Literally you’d be seeing attack ads with that clip until the universe collapses in on itself millions of years from now).

Never mentioned in the Republican criticism of the Iraq pullout is the fact that we are required to pull out by the Status of Forces Agreement signed by George W. Bush, an agreement that they almost universally cheered at the time. Republican foreign policy at this point seems to be that anything Obama does is wrong, even if it’s what we said he should do all along.

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