Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: David Barton

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: David Barton November 17, 2011

If there’s a chutzpah hall of fame, David Barton must be a first ballot inductee. You might want to turn off your irony meters before I tell you that he’s now complaining about people using quotes from the Founding Fathers that aren’t accurate.

This coming Spring, Thomas Nelson Publishers will release a new book by David Barton: The Jefferson Lies. This book exposes many of the modern lies about Jefferson that have been concocted, promoted, and perpetuated by the Secular and Academic Left.

The need for this book was recently made evident by an atheist group’s California billboard allegedly quoting Jefferson condemning Christianity…

The only problem with this quote is that it doesn’t exist. It has never been found in any Jefferson writing; yet it remains one of the many lies about Jefferson told by the Secular and Academic Left over the past century.

Actually, it’s cited only by a few ignorant people and they are immediately corrected and criticized by the actual secular left — unlike all of the fake quotes that David Barton popularized with the religious right, which continue to show up on a daily basis even in legislation before Congress. I can’t wait to read all the lies in Barton’s book about those alleged lies about Jefferson.

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